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Ghawlama ("river mouth" in White Lontinian; Blue Lontinian: Ğawlama Hurmumol; Crandish and Norse: Aulama; Krasnocorian: Гаулама, Gaulama) is a historic city, municipality, and traditional capital of in Lontinien. Part of the Ghawlama metropolitan area and home to Ghawlama Gate and the Ghawlama International Airport. Population: 569,392 (1696 Hurmu census)

Founded by the Crandish in ... to exert dominance over the Jawnetka.

Map of Ghawlama during its Jingdaoese phase


The city is host to a major cantonment of the Hurmu Peace Corps, providing billets for regiments of the air, land, and sea departments, as well as a training cohort of the Peace Academy.

The city hosts a demi-regiment of the Hurmu Constabulary who are assisted by a locally raised special auxiliary constabulary division.