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Peace Academy

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The Peace Academy is a public university in Hurmu with campuses in Kaupang, Khojinacinggha, and Ghawlama, with an affiliated teaching college operated by the Society of Yeshua in Niš. It was inaugurated in 1694 as an officer's training school for the Hurmu Peace Corps. Civilians may enrol to other programmes at the university, such as peace studies, conflict studies, development studies, management, military history, nursing, medicine, and psychology.

The first cohort of peacekeeping officers graduated in 1697. In the first three years of its operation the Peace Academy awarded accreditation to 8,484 officers, of whom the top three-hundred graduates in each course would graduate with honours and receive a vellum scroll in addition to the standard digital certificate.

Beginning in 1699 AN the Peace Academy would accept direct applicants from the Benacian Academy, the Sarayzenana, the School of the High Inquisitor of Tiegang, and the Xingjunxue. From 1722 AN onwards applications from the graduates of Humanist Institutes were actively sought.

With the dissolution of the HPC in 1720 AN, following the 1719–1720 Hurmu civil conflict, the Peace Academy was permitted to continue in operation in order to train up the officer cadres of the successor formations, the Hurmu Fyrð.

A bachelor's degree in peacekeeping (or equivalent) is required for commission as an officer in the Hurmu Fyrð. A master's degree (studied part-time during employment in the Fyrð) is required to advance onto the rank of regimentsmester (equivalent to army colonel and navy captain abroad).