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Nation: Northern Coria, Hurmu
Population: 2,507,242
Predominant language: Krasnocorian

Main roads:
Major districts: N/A

Current mayor:
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Niš is the largest city, by population, of the Hurmu, and Hurmu's state of Northern Coria. It has the population of 2,628,278 (1696 Hurmu census) and the city has rapidly expanded since being founded.

The Municipality of Niš controls large areas of rural land surrounding the city.


The Hurmu Peace Corps Cantonment of Niš, responsible for the defence of the adjacent city and available for deployment in the surrounding hinterland, is garrisoned by the 55th Regiment of Peacekeepers (Light Infantry), 64th Signals Regiment (Communications), 70th Depot & Logistics Regiment (Supply), 90th Medical Regiment (Medical Services), and the 106th Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Regiment (Maintenance). The 147th Operational Psychology Department maintains a separate bastion within the city that houses the administrative and training cadres for that formation.

A base unit supporting the Air Department of the HPC is also maintained at the nearby Niš Airport.

Law enforcement services are provided in the city by visiting patrols from the 5th Division of the Special Auxiliary Constabulary as well as deputised auxiliaries resident in the city. The students of the city's Society of Yeshua training college, supported by volunteers of the 5th Vanguard Division and the White Band of the Eastern Ulus of the Silver Yak Horde, additionally maintain a trained militia that is available to support the law enforcement and security forces of Hurmu.


Companies in Niš


Due the War of Lost Brothers, Nohavland was only left with Niš and Palanka as its major cities. Due to the conflict infrastructure such as roads and railways were destroyed and important factories were also destroyed. However, as soon as the war ended the Florian government invested in repairing the city's infrastructure.