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Society of Yeshua

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Society of Yeshua
Дружба Ѥшина
Друштво Јешино
Abbreviation ДѤ, ДЈ, SY
Formation 1695 AN
Purpose/focus Cultural exchange, healthcare, protection
Headquarters CBV Yeshua
Membership circa 740,000 (1695 AN)
Official languages Byalic
Deputy for Cakaristan Dragash Mavrenovich
Deputy for Hurmu Stanko Danilovich
Deputy for the Eastern Imperium Dragoljub Novak

The Society of Yeshua (Byalic: Дружба Ѥшина, Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Друштво Јешино) is an international nongovernmental organisation founded in 1695 AN with purpose of cultural exchange, provision of healthcare and protection of former Krasnocorian ethnicities and their cultural heritage in Great Apollonian Empire (originally Çakaristan) and Hurmu.

In Northern Coria, the Society of Yeshua administers Krasnocorian-medium public schools and primary health clinics on behalf of the government of the Northern Coria. The relations between the Society and the Northern Coria government remain close and intimately connected.

In Hurmu, the Society of Yeshua is also registered as a political party, advancing Krasnocorian and Nazarene-values democracy.


In 1700 AN the society established a teaching college in Niš, affiliated with and supported by the Peace Academy of Hurmu.


As of 1700 AN, Society of Yeshua has 27 representative offices in: