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[[Image:|125px|Flag of Silafucheng|frameless]]
[[File:|225px|Location of Silafucheng|frameless]]
Abbreviation SILA
Province Qishisan
District Silafubian
Founded 1673
Mayor Xing Mirkovic
Population unknown
The Silafucheng Memorial: a monument, constructed by the Apollonian Association of Refugees (AARs), to honour the fallen Krasnocorian brothers and sisters during the civil war in 1687 AN.

Silafucheng was a Jingdaoese city, located in the Silafubian district, that was founded during the 1673 Eastern Expansion. The city was established to facilitate trade with the Kingdom of Krasnocoria. Following the collapse of Krasnocoria in VI.1687, the city saw an influx of Krasnocorian but also Leylstadter refugees.

It holds the headquarters of the Apollonian Association of Refugees (AARs), which attempts to aid refugees settle in other countries and start a new life.

With the outbreak of the Post-Chidao Troubles, the city came under the rule of Seishi rebels. On 3.I.1698 AN the city was liberated by Çakari troops. Today, the city is located in Çakaristan and is known as Koriyapur.


The word Silafu in the cityname is Jingdaoese for Slavic, and originally referred to the vicinity of Krasnocoria. It is now often considered to refer to the large Krasnocorian population.