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The Ying Emperor is perceived as the 'founding father' of the Jingdaoese people, starting a strong - if not unbreakable - bound between the Jingdaoese people and its Emperor.

The name Jingdao (Tianchao Jingdao), or Empire of the Pure Path, is most used when referring to the Apollonian-based nation under the Great Jing Dynasty. The empire currently occupies a large part of Apollonia and is seen as a stable autocratic nation. Its current ruler is the Chidao Emperor.

It can, according to the Greater Jing School refer to several of its dynasties:

  1. The Empire of the Glorious Sun (1462bAN - 351bAN)
  2. Empire of the Pure Path (Jingdao) (351bAN - present)
    1. The Zuxiang Dynasty (351 bAN - 264)
    2. The Wangzi Dynasty (265 - 987)
    3. Youya Dynasty (987 - 1451)
    4. Jierdai Dynasty (1451 - 1623)
    5. the Great Jing Dynasty (1623 - 1700)
    6. the Jingdaoese Community (1700 - present), within the Great Apollonian Empire.

The Dynasties which ruled over Jingdao throughout the ages.