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Duchy of Jingdao

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The Duchy of Jingdao is a subdivision within the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, consisting of two distinct regions: the province of Dazijin and the Far Eastern Territory in the Antican Sea. The name Jingdao pays homage to the Great Jing Dynasty, which ruled the Greater Kildarian region from 1623 to 1700 AN. The duchy's subdivisions are overseen by governors appointed directly by the Heavenly Light, reflecting the region's historical and religious significance to the ethnic Jing population.

The Duchy of Jingdao plays a vital role in Shireroth's political landscape, especially for its eastern territories, serving as a center of religious and cultural authority for the ethnic Jing population. The region's rich history and spiritual significance make it a source of pride for its residents, who continue to uphold their traditions and customs while actively participating in the broader Shirerithian society.


Dazijin, the first province of the Duchy, is divided into two sub-districts: Zijin and Zijinlin. Zijin is home to the former Heavenly Capital of Daocheng, where the Palace of the Heavenly Light is situated. Additionally, the district of Zijinlin contains the revered Heavenly Tombs, a site of great spiritual importance to the Jing people.

The second district, the Far Eastern Territory, holds significant strategic value due to its location in the Antican Sea. Prior to the Greater Jing Dynasty's annexation of Kildarian territories in the early 17th century (after Kildare had gained independence from Shireroth during the Revolution of 1617), the Far Eastern Territory served as a crucial base for Jing operations. Today, it remains an essential component of the Duchy of Jingdao, and is seen as important part of Jing's cultural identity.