Duchy of Modan

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Flag of Modan

Subdivision type: Duchy
Capital: Drakorda
Largest Cities: Modan Hamlet, Karamola

Local Leadership Title: The Duke
Local Government: Dukedom
Current leader: Nathan II

Local language: Istvanistani, Natspeak, Laqi
Local Religion: Reorganized Bovinism, Holodomatic Cedrism

The Modan is a Shirerithian duchy located in southeastern Benacia, established through the Treaty of Andamouth in 1699 AN.

A former so-called "vulture state" that emerged during the Kalirion Fracture, the Modan experienced a tumultuous 28 years before its successful reintegration into Shireroth. Declared independent in 1671 AN as the Kingdom of Drak-Modan, Nathan II was separated from the Modan in 1676 AN, then the region reorganized into a lindstromist republic in 1679 AN, underwent a civil war in 1684 AN, and finally transformed into a Draconian supremacist state in the 1690s AN. Following a growing dissident movement against the supremacist state, an attempted coup d'état opened the way for reintegration into Shireroth in early 1699 AN.

The first couple years as a Shirerithian duchy consisted of occupation by imperial peacekeeping forces in order to restore order to the Modan and reconstruct an administrative apparatus that had been gutted by a series of extrajudicial killings of political enemies and non-Draconians by pro-coup paramilitary groups.


A provisional ducal government was established on 5.XI.1699, when Nathan II arrived back in the Modan, following a trip to Shirekeep to receive the Crown of Malarboria from Kaiseress Salome. Staying only briefly in a temporary apartment built in The Fury, Nathan II appointed his son, Count-Palatine John Hilding of Draconia, the Governor of Modan to serve as his locum tenens.

As the Governor of Modan, he led an appointed council, the Provisional Governing Commission, composed of twelve commissioners: four Adepts from Shirekeep, four senior Tribunes who also oversee peacekeeping operations, and four pro-Shirerithian Draconian lawyers. The Provisional Governing Commission is mandated to oversee and coordinate civilian and military government in the Modan during this transitional period, as well as to design the duchy's new constitution.

On 10.II.1701 AN, the Provisional Governing Commission delivered a draft Instrument of Government for consideration by Nathan II and Salome. After a few rounds of revision between the commission and the respective heads of state, the Instrument of Government was promulgated by ducal edict on 20.VI.1701 AN. Included within this edict was a provision for an irregular election for all seats (as per the Instrument's language) with an assigned campaign period of six months terminating on 1.XIV.1701 AN as the Day of Election.

Instrument of Government

  • Chapter 1: Foundations of the Modanese State
  • Chapter 2: Powers held in reserve by the Throne
  • Chapter 3: The Modanese Fury
  • Chapter 4: The Apparatus of State
  • Chapter 5: The Court of Directors
  • Chapter 6: The Court of Judges
  • Chapter 7: Principles