Declaration of Drakorda

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The Declaration of Drakorda was issued on 23 Friedeber 1671 by Nathan II as duke of Modan & Malarboria during the Kalirion Fracture. It unilaterally separated the Shirerithian county of Lachmodan and the islands of So-Sara from the the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. The declaration came several days after events of the fracture began, after it was clear that Shireroth may not survive. The ideals, goals, purpose, and legitimacy of the new state were laid out in the declaration.

The Declaration

In the course of history on this planet, there has been but on constant: the stability, power, and unity of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. We have entered into a period of history where that fact is now in question, due to the uncontrollable ebb and flow of capricious denizens, power-hungry warlords, jealous nations, and irreverent noblemen. The Kalirion Dynasty brought unity and purpose to the Imperial Republic, and by luck, might, and cunning, it destroyed the imperial states that leeched money, activity, and attention away from the Eternal City of Shirekeep. It restored the kaisership to its ancient glory.

Now, the Kalirion Dynasty is threatened. Imperial states by a new name, vultures mistaking the smell of rotting flesh for what is merely a wound. The uprisings and rebellions are simply too widespread to contain. We cannot allow this to become a total loss. Although we love and sympathize with our Imperial brethren, the Ayreon-Kalirions, the House of Waffel-Paine must claim these lands and assert control and stability over it. As Duke of Modan & Malarboria, an imperial dominion and fief of Kaiser Ayreon IV, I do hereby declare that Lachmodan and So-Sara shall be ruled by me, as a king, independent of Shirekeep and all other nations.

We seek to honor the past; my blood has the blood of kaisers in it, the Imperial Line of Drak will rule this kingdom.

We will pray for success; the Benacian Bovic Church will have its seat in this kingdom and grow into a distinct denomination of the Bovic faith.

We look to the future; relations with Shirekeep will be sought and encouraged.

We will defend ourselves; we will seek admission to the Raspur Pact.

We will stabilize; support from the Natopian Nation will be necessary among the vultures and warlords.

We will grow; the Drak-Modani people will prosper.

We will speak out; the people of this kingdom will be enfranchised.

We will show the way; this kingdom will be a beacon of hope and positive change on a continent descending into chaos.

Therefore, let these words go out to all people in Lachmodan and So-Sara, that you are no longer Shirerithian, you are Drak-Modani! You are furious at the state of the world! You seek revenge on those who destroyed the ancient, monolithic power of Shirekeep! You lament the fall of the Kalirion Dynasty! You weep at the thought of a fractured Benacia!

So signed and declared in the Capital City of Drakorda,

23 Friedeber 1671


King of Drak-Modan,
Duke of Modan & Malarboria

Geopolitical Interpretations

Although the language of the declaration is lofty, many see the declaration as merely a Natopian ploy to secure a foothold on Benacia to protect its interests in keeping the Raspur Pact, its Allied Production Matrix, and unified command structure in place. These policies, Pact institutions, and cooperation had resulted in Natopia and Shireroth growing increasingly entwined and dependent upon one another as military, financial, and trading partners. The sudden collapse of Shireroth into warring states caused great alarm in Lindstrom where the possibility of losing all of Shireroth's support painted a grim picture of Natopia being forced to stand along against the USSO. Although initially reluctant, and in mourning for Ayreon IV, the Natopian emperor came to terms with that was necessary for the continued survival of Natopia, and issued this declaration.

Natopian Goals

Although the Natopian Empire is expecting to undertake some degree of nation-building in Drak-Modan, it is not seeking to create a Natopian colony. The government of Drak-Modan was modeled off of the Natopian system for ease of cooperation between Drakorda and Lindstrom and to create a stable foreign and military policy under the Natopian-aligned king while allowing domestic policy to thrive under a locally elected legislature and chancellor. The new kingdom will use the Natopian natopo as currency instead of the traditional erb due to shortages and disruptions in Shirekeep and to allow for easy investments from Natopian businesses.

The Natopian emperor would serve as king for a stabilizing period until eventually allowing one of his younger children to become heir. Within a generation, Natopia and Drak-Modan would be ruled by brothers Nathan III and John Hilding, respectively.