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Bovinist Schism of 1676

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The Bovinist Schism of 1676 was the break of communion between the Dozan Bovic Church and the Benacian Bovic Church, which had lasted from the faith's beginnings in 1530. The schism was the culmination of political and ideological differences between Bovinists in Athlon and Drak-Modan; and tensions between the native population of southern Benacia and the Natopian ruling class of Drak-Modan.


The origins of the rift began in 1651, when Bovic missionaries from Athlon were sent to spread the Bovic faith in the recently de-liched land of Malarboria. The queen of that land, Kizzy Drakland, made several demands on a whim of the hapless bosarch sent to her in order to prevent the Bovics from being outright exterminated by her and her demons. The several demands included removing Nett Opaegh as a venerated person, to venerate Kizzy Drakland instead, and to replace cow's butter with goat's butter, an idea that visibly repulsed the Bovics and gave Kizzy joy.

In order to protect the young Bovic community in sourthern Benacia, Pentheros Aldin issued a bull on 3 Natopuary 1651 condoning the use of goat milk and butter where necessary, specifying the special dispensation for herds in southern Benacia and what would become Drak-Modan.

Tensions simmered for a few decades until the Kalirion Fracture brought full Natopian control over Drak-Modan. Although goat milk was still permitted, Natopia used its strong control over the Dozan Church in its campaign of Natopianization. Combined with the Drak-Modani king being the Natopian emperor, and the king's cabinet being exclusively foreign Natopians or Tapferite-Iserdians, the local population began to chafe under the heavy-handed cultural replacement strategy.


People begin to protest Bovic services. A patriarch is appointed and the Benacian Bovic Church of the Capric Rite is recognized by the Dozan Church as a special national church. Not enough for restless population, who still are uncomfortable with a Natopian ruling caste. Protests call for a full split, a new edition of the Tetrabiblios that removes certain stories, and no control under the Pentheros or any Natopian-appointed official. Iserdian Bovics, in the minority and losing grasp on power, consider the Modani Bovics to be heretics and flee Drak-Modan and return to Elwynn.


In order to keep things from breaking out to full revolt, Nathan II agreed to abdicate by the end of 1679, on the 8th birthday of his youngest son and heir to the throne, John Hilding Waffel-Paine. John would become king and a newly appointed, Benacian-born governor-general would replace Herbert Q. Washington, the previous governor-general. John had been living in Drak-Modan since he was 2 and was well-liked by the people. The Patriarch of Drakorda would become head of the Benacian Bovic Church.