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The Dirâsat-an-Nûr ("Examination of the Light") is an imperial school located within the vicinity of the Bâb-an-Nûr in the Outer Bailey of Raynor's Keep. Its primary purposes is to train Imperial Pages for service, as well as provide educational services to the Imperial Family.

Its staff and operations are overseen by the Dean of the Dirâsat-an-Nûr, Alejian Kaukainen.

Education of Imperial Pages

Recruitment into the Imperial Page program is conducted by the Master of Pages, one of the senior positions within the Imperial Household. Those recruited will remain under the administrative and disciplinary authority of the Master of Pages for the duration of their service. Recruitment is conducted at the Imperial Gymnasia, a network of regional schools established and run under each Lord Lieutenant for the education of minor Loyal Subjects to the Kaiser. Attendance in the Imperial Gymnasia begins at the age of 7 years. From 7 to 11, students who show particular aptitude and quality are flagged for consideration.

At the end of their 11th year, prospects are selected by the Master of Pages and relocated to the Dirâsat-an-Nûr in Raynor's Keep. The first year is spent as a Candidate, residing in the Outer Dormitory.

At the end of that first year, Candidates are subjected to a second selection. Those who meet or exceed expectations are assigned a billet in Yellow Hall. This billet secures them entry to the Lower School and are inducted as Novice Pages, who begin to serve rotations as junior servants within the Imperial Court. Those who fail to secure a billet in Yellow Hallare returned to their Imperial Gymnasium of origin.

Education in the Lower School lasts for three more years, concluding at around the age of 15 years. In order to secure entry into the Upper School, pages must be recruited into one of the senior halls. The leadership of these halls will subject prospects to a broad range of examinations, then, at the end of the selection period, recruit as many as necessary to fill their vacant billets. Those who secure a billet are inducted as Qualified Pages and begin to serve rotations as senior servants within the Imperial Court. Punishment and reward is determined collectively, so there is high pressure for each hall to select only the best and for each member of the hall to perform at their peak.

At the end of five years as a Qualified Page, one is subjected to a final round of examination. This is done to verify one's proficiency rather than according to the number of vacancies to fill. Those who complete this examination are elevated to the status of Adept Page. Adept Pages serve as the leadership for their hall until they are assigned for service elsewhere in the Imperial Household or are assigned to supervise Yellow Hall.

Education of the Imperial Family

The Dirâsat-an-Nûr is also charged with education for members of the Imperial Family up and to their majority, and often, after the age of majority, too, for more advanced studies.