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Nation: Shireroth
Population: 601,848
Predominant language: Istvanistani

Main roads: Martyrs of Liberation Boulevard, Drak Lane, Duke of Modan Road, Avenue of Freedoms, Eugene Feuillant Circle
Major districts: Little Minarboria, Necropolis, Mira Place, Sanguntown

Current mayor: Merab Ivaniuk
Drakorda city view.jpg
Map versions: 15.1.6 - pres. (as Lichorda)

Drakorda is the capital of Modan. The ancient capital of the Lach-Modan area was Modan Hamlet during the Shirerithian era. However, after the Kalirion Fracture, the capital city was relocated to Drakorda to represent the new era of independence. The Declaration of Drakorda was issued by Nathan II in Drakorda in 1671, establishing Drak-Modan as a sovereign nation and Drakorda as its capital city. It has remained the capital following the reintegration of Drak-Modan as the Duchy of Modan within Shireroth, since 1699 AN.

The city was first settled as Lichorda on 13.VI.1596/4847 ASC (map version 15.1.6) and had a population of 150,000 in 4847 ASC. It was under Karalakh, South Cibolan-Sangunese, and Minarborian sovereignty for some time during which it was a regional capital. When Minarboria collapsed and Karalakh was re-annexed by Shireroth the area was incorporated into the Imperial State of Modan & Malarboria under Kizzy Drakland in 1651. By that time, the city had grown enough to be considered a large city. One of Kizzy's first decisions was to expunge the history of the undead liches and she renamed the city as Drakorda, after her dynastic house, the Line of Drak.

As the capital of Modan, Drakorda hosts The Fury, the Ducal Palace, and "The Egg", a newly-constructed skyscraper that houses the Chancellery and the central offices for the Apparatus of State (completed in 1711 AN).