Draconian Supremacy Movement

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The Draconian Power Flag, a defaced flag of Draconia with the DP emblem used by Draconian supremacists.

The Draconian Supremacy Movement was a series of movements, organizations, protests, and riots that began in late 1689 in Drak-Modan. Emboldened by several Draconian-first policies begun by John Hilding Waffel-Paine, the small Draconian population of Drak-Modan began to agitate for privileges beyond equal rights and protections. Having been subjugated for most of their oral history, the Draconians felt it necessary to impose their culture upon other Drak-Modani citizens. The government of Drak-Modan had been advertising itself as the original homeland of the Draconian people, hoping to attract settlers from New Dracoheim, Natopia, and Ynnraile, Ransenar. The goal of the movement, sometimes even referred to as the Draconian agenda, was to remake the government of Drak-Modan into a vehicle to advance the Draconian people at the expense of all others. The royal family of Drak-Modan, the Reorganized Church of Bous of Modern-Day Saints, and even several high ranking government officials are rumored to be sympathetic or supportive of the Movement.


Creation of the kingdom of Draconia, the right of return for all Draconians to live there. The island is the semi-mythic homeland of the Draconians, and so unlike New Dracoheim which was unwanted land given to the Draconians, this time the "new homeland" idea stuck.

John Hilding Waffel-Paine established the House of Drak & Waffel-Paine as a separate and distinct Royal House, free from the dynastic control of his father's house, the Waffel-Paine family. This gave Draconians cause for celebration, as after generations of struggle, they felt they had their own voice and champion.

Draconian identity became more fluid. Residents of Nel Modan began to identify as Draconian after the kingdom was founded because they found Draconians preferred to do business and associate with other Draconians. As a nomadic people, the Draconians had no way to really prove a Draconian "ethnicity" beyond family names and reciting family genealogies, which was not always possible. And for the residents of Nel Modan, it was very likely that some weere ancestral cousins of the descendants of the nomadic Draconians.

John announces his engagement to Loki Drakspunk from Draconia, Qaren Queenie from Capeshire, and Griselia Jones from Sehmlshire. By publicly and dramatically embracing the Bovic practice of Quadratic Marriage, many Draconians are emboldened to convert to the Reorganized Church of Bous of Modern-Day Saints. The RMDS experiences a dogmatic shift as large numbers of fanatic Draconians join and affect elections to the World Conference. The Council of Sixty-four feels pressure to cater to Draconian culture or lose the favor of the new converts.

Ideals of Draconian Supremacy

As a nomadic people, the Draconians have long been marginalized, stereotyped, mistreated, and distrusted. Draconian writers and leaders began to reacquaint old and new settlers alike with Draconian culture with a tinge of propagandizing. After generations of shame, Draconians now felt pride in their heritage. And after more propaganda, the Draconians would soon feel superior.

After the stability of the kingdom of Draconia had been established for a few years secret Draconian customs became more and more commonplace. Draconians were emboldened by their unwarranted sense of propped-up superiority. A new and entirely fabricated legend of Kaiser Loki I began to be circulated that reframed his dalliances on Dracoheim as a mystical action to birth a race of enlightened, and beautiful free spirits to roam Micras until one day rule it themselves. As the Draconians began to see themselves as native Benacians, they began to align themselves with more conservative parties

Certain tenets of Draconian culture have been kept relatively quiet from the public, except during the public extravagances of the reigns of Kaiser Sehml and Kizzy Drakland. Most Draconians are polyamorous and poly/pansexual. For many generations they rejected marriage because it required approval from the state. They group together in relationships based on mutual interest and attraction.

Due to their marginalized history, many Draconians found work on the fringes of society. Sex work was very popular among Draconians, even Kizzy Drakland, who became kaiseress of Shireroth was a sex worker in her early years.

The nomadic nature of their culture also necessitated that unwanted children were an extreme burden on their society. Heterosexual couplings that carried unwanted and burdensome offspring to term were sometimes ostracized. Producing an overabundance of children was seen as vulgar and selfish. Contraceptive use is taught as an essential part of life to children of appropriate age. Abortion is regular and encouraged. When a coupling does decide to reproduce, adoptions from inside the group are preferred. Same-sex couplings often negotiate with other couplings on a careful and defined parenting contract. The sperm and egg donor are assigned, and the surrogate is assigned. Sometimes as a last resort, the "farm method" is chosen when a male would insert himself into the female.

Loki's Inn Massacre

One of the first Draconian supremacy riots to gain national attention was at a Draconians-only gay bar in Dracoheim called Loki's Inn. The name of the bar is a play on the phrase "Look, he's in," a phrase repeated among sex workers when the ancient Kaisers would come to the island. A straight couple from Modan Hamlet was vacationing on the island and walked into Loki's Inn, as it was listed on a guidebook as being one of the oldest bars in the city. When the gay Draconians inside saw the straight couple enter their space, they went absolutely berserk and began to attack the straight couple and shout heterophopbic slurs at them. The beaten and bloodied couple stumbled out onto the street, where a crowd of Draconians had gathered to block their escape. The couple was beaten to within an inch of the lives until the crowd finally allowed an ambulance to pass.

The couple unfortunately died from their wounds days later. When news of their deaths broke, Draconians took the streets to celebrate their deaths and find more straight people in the city. After 2 weeks of nightly riots, nearly 30 straight people were murdered. The straight population of Dracoheim now lived in fear for simply existing and resentful to be at the mercy of a violent minority. Many straights fled Dracoheim to cities on other So-Saran islands where straights organized plebiscites to join moderate Sanama.

Sanaman response

With the Draconian supremacy movement leading to a breakdown in law and order in both Eastern Shimmerspring and the So-Saran archipelago, the Sanaman government saw a sharp increase in cross-border raids from Shimmerspring independence militias, as well as an explosion in pirate attacks against international shipping in the So-Saran archipelago. These factors forced the Sanaman government to call up the Drak-Modani ambassador in Sanama City repeatedly to explain the Sanaman position on the matter and to implore the Drak-Modani government to act to reestablish control. After weeks of discussions, promises from Drak-Modan and yet still complete inaction, the Sanaman government finally issued an ultimatum. Either Drak-Modan request Sanaman assistance in establishing control, or Sanama would unilaterally cross the border.


Posters such as this began to appear in cities throughout Drak-Modan. No group has taken direct responsibility yet.

The DRak-Modani ambassador to Sanama was instructed to delay and deflect on a solid response to Sanama as long as possible. Meanwhile, leaders and political commentators in Drak-Modan began to take extreme positions in response to the ultimatum. Some of the more hawkish proponents suggested all-out war with Sanama as a response to the mere suggestion of crossing the border. The meek and increasingly irrelevant Bagelcraticans advocated for outright cession of the affected areas to Sanama and a payment to the Sanama government for the trouble. High profile meetings between the co-monarchs and co-chancellors are televised in which the leaders debate the pros and cons of expending time, resources, and manpower on the now straight-majority regions of the kingdom. The lack of outright condemnation of gay-on-straight violence instills fear in many straight Drak-Modani and emboldens gay citizens. As these debates went on for weeks, even more straights began to flee to east Shimmerspring and So-Sara as gay Draconians in the rest of Drak-Modan drew inspiration from the Loki's Inn Massacre.

Violence against straight Drak-Modani citizens grew from isolated incidents of lynching straight individuals in rural areas to domestic terror attacks targeting straight establishments in cities. Police and government officials refuse to take threats against straight citizens seriously. As chaos and uncontrolled migrations continue to east Shimmerspring and So-Sara, the flare up of insurgency and piracy creates a perfect scenario for the government of Drak-Modan to take a hard and sudden turn towards official, state-sponsored heterophobia.

The government of Drak-Modan agrees to Sanama's demand to intervene, but cites a need for a plebiscite of the local population before authorizing foreign intervention. The Fury quickly authorizes a plebiscite for citizens in east Shimmerspring and So-Sara with the yes-no question "Should the Sanaman military be permitted to enter these territories for the purpose of controlling insurgency and piracy?" The Fury set the plebiscite date for one month after it was passed, during which the Drak-Modani government made even more policy changes to make life as unpleasant and degrading as possible for straight Drak-Modani.

A week before the plebiscite, the King of Drak-Modan, gave a television interview in which he dropped all "both-sides" rhetoric of the earlier debates and began to deride straight people on live, national television. The most damning soundbite of the interview was when he was asked to condemn the Loki's Inn Massacre, "No. No I think not. Honestly it's very nice to not have those fruits [Editor's note: fruit is a Draconian slur against heterosexuals, derived from the Nazarene commandment to "be fruitful and multiply"] around as much anymore. It's not natural how they behave. I don't get it. I mean, if they want to live their disgusting lives behind closed doors, fine. But don't shove it in my face. I think it's best if they did leave, actually." The interviewer then pressed the king to explain what he meant, exactly. "Look I don't know or care where they go. Straight people are really such a burden on our society. If someone wants to take that responsibility, fine! They can go. Good luck!"

Protests in east Shimmerspring and So-Sara erupt immediately after the interview is aired, demanding that Sanama occupy and annex the areas before they descend into further human rights emergencies. The king responds to the protests re-Tweetering a video of a straight family being stabbed by a mob of Draconians with a comment: "One man's trash seems to be another's treasure! If the plebiscite next week achieves 75% in favor, I'll sign the order that night to get these filthy fruits out of our country. Drak-Modan!"

International Reactions

The King of Drak-Modan, as of 13.V.1690 has been in receipt of a demarche signed by the High Representatives of the Riqi Elluenuuerssuarion and the Unified Governorates of Benacia that carried the following demands:

  1. An independent judicial inquiry into the so-called Loki's Inn Massacre, with appropriate trials and punishment of the guilty parties amongst the Draconian Supremacy Movement;
  2. The immediate outlawing of the Draconian Supremacy Movement and the barring of its members from holding public office for a period of seven Norton years;
  3. Pay reparations and compensation for loss of life and other, financial losses caused by the Draconian Supremacy Movement.
  4. The creation of the post of Minister for Heterosexual Rights, an executive portfolio with responsibility for ensuring the full protection of heterosexuals and heterosexual life-partnerships under Drak-Modani law.

Although no immediate consequences for non-compliance were listed in the demarche, which provided a period of ten-days for a response, both Elwynn and the UGB were known to have been quietly supportive of the Sanaman intervention and might be liable to step up that support if the present state of affairs persisted.

On 22 Blumuar 1690, the Natopian Emperor sent a letter to his son, John, begging him to take a more moderate approach or else be cut off from substantial Natopian trade deals:

Dearest Son,
You must not allow these demonstrations and violence to continue in your kingdom. You must look out for all of your citizens, and treat them equally. I do not believe you have the favor of Bous in this "movement" you have suddenly adopted. Renounce Draconian supremacy, repair the relationship with your neighbors and allies. Diversity is the path towards a stable nation. The Natopian Empire cannot condone your nation targeting citizens purely because of their sexual preference.
Your father,
Nathan II

Decree to Clarify the Status of Heterosexuals

In response to the international pressure, the king privately fumed for several days. Eventually his legal team drew up a decree that would clarify the Drak-Modani government's formal and official position on the Draconian Supremacy Movement. It was hoped that the concerned international community would recognize that the days of public straight-bashing was now over, and that any remaining straight Drak-Modani residents or international visitors would be expected to conform to the Draconian agenda.

The decree outlined and addressed several points:

  1. Draconian and Drak-Modani people, by virtue of their Benacian roots and kaiserial-brothel ancestry are superior and shall be given privileges in Drak-Modani law.
  2. Any person living within the jurisdiction of this Bovic Kingdom has the right to declare their Draconian affiliation, or Drak-Modani nationality, regardless of their private heterosexual thoughts.
  3. The right of citizens to have private heterosexual thoughts and liaisons shall not be limited insofar as a citizen maintains their public duty of upholding the Draconian agenda.
  4. Those that do not declare themselves to be Draconian or Drak-Modani shall be sent to a Kinsey Testing Site in Jugensk, where they will be subjected to testing. Those that receive a 0 score, and still do not declare Draconian affiliation, shall be denied Drak-Modani residency. Anyone that scores 2-6 may remain in Drak-Modan. Those that score a 1 shall be permitted to reside in Drak-Modan for six months, and must find a sponsor who will attest, in court, to their incidental homosexuality.
  5. Drak-Modanis are reminded that triadic and quadratic marriages allow for opposite-sex arrangements, and that such pairings are encouraged by the Reorganized Church of Bous of Modern-Day Saints to procreate responsibly and carefully.
  6. As heterosexual pairings--in the context of Bovic marriage--are permitted and recognized by the Church and government, there is no need for a Heterosexual Rights minister.
  7. The individual violent actors of the Draconian Supremacy Movement are denounced; but the Movement as a whole is lauded for the spotlight it has shown on the generations of Draconian struggles and marginalization.
  8. The murders associated with the Loki's Inn Massacre will be investigated by a special counsel appointed by the Fury's judicial committee.
  9. The islands of So-Sara and region of eastern Shimmerspring are classified as Straight Protection Zones. Any non-Draconian heterosexual shall enjoy the right to move through the Bovic Kingdom, unharmed, provided they can prove they are moving to these Protection Zones.
  10. The Drak-Modani Defense Force is ordered to stand down and remove themselves from the Straight Protection Zones.
  11. Following the plebiscite to be conducted in the Straight Protection Zones and the expected results, the mutually beneficial cession of So-Sara and east Shimmerspring (to Sanama) and Station Sabatini (to UGB) shall constitute the extent of reparations paid to those states for their efforts to control the situation that they have deemed unsatisfactory, but the Bovic Kingdom has deemed necessary for progress.
  12. Conversion Camps shall be established in cities throughout Drak-Modan for those with low Kinsey Scores become better citizens by voluntarily subjecting themselves to a process clinically proven to re-align their sexuality as Bous intended.
  13. Certificates of Successful Conversion; or witnesses attesting to an individual's sexuality, shall be required for all civil servant positions beginning in 1691. Existing civil servants are exempt.