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Total Area: 24,198,903.63 km²
Area of major landmass: {{{area_landmass}}} km²
Population: 493,454,076 inhabitants
Date founded: {{{date_founded}}}
Countries: 5
Dependencies: 0
Languages: Common Language, Dutch, Germanian, Yiddish
Largest Cities: Shirekeep
's Koningenwaarde

Benacia is a continent on Micras. It is considered to include the Benacian mainland, the Benacian Archipelago of Naudia'Diva, Benacia Island, and Florencia, the Yardistani Archipelago of Khaz Modan, Mirioth, Amity, Yardistan, and Istvanistan, and the northern islands of Lesser Automatica and Hyperborea.

Origins and Etymology

East Benacia was on the first MCS maps (pre-numbering system and 1.0.0), while West Benacia was added at the same time as the Eastern Hemisphere. Benacia was named after the town of Benicia, California, near where MCS Founder Erik Mortis lived. It originally shared its name with the Island of Benacia and the Benacian Commonwealth. It is unclear whether the commonwealth was named after the continent, the continent named after the commonwealth, both named after the island, or what.


The Benacian Commonwealth (June 2001 - November 2001) was an alliance of Shireroth, Machiavellia, and Hyperborea, and between the three countries controlled the entire continent. It eventually became the Hegemony of Alexandros and later Tymaria, but dissolved with the fall of that nation. Since then, the eastern half of the continent has been dominated by Shireroth until the present day. The eastern half became unoccupied after the fall of Machiavellia, but has since hosted nations such as Puritania (Series 5), Numenor (Series 11), and currently Batavie. Eastern Benacia has historically been one of the least popular areas for claims, maybe because of the constant dominating presence of Shireroth. Since the fall of the CIS western Benacia had remained unoccupied for many months before the appearance of Batavia, then the nearly simultaneous appearances of Ashkenatza,Amokolia, and Tellia. Amokolia was annexed by Ocia and is currently a protectorate of Victoria, whilst Ashkenatzi consolidation of power on Benacia led to an annexation of Tellia and expansions to the northern coast. Shireroth, meanwhile, lost a number of territories along the northern coast whilst retaining Absentia, and Batavia also expanded northwards after the Gascony War. In recent months the most significant territorial change has been the independence of the Republic of Elwynn, which has changed the political balance of power in northern Benacia drastically.


West Benacia is a fairly mountainous region, culminating in two peninsulae jutting out into the sea. The mountain ranges come together to form the spine of the continent, the Concordian Mountains, in south-central Benacia. These feature the tallest peak in the world, Mt. Medivh in the Unoccupied Territories, just a little shorter than Everest at 8089 meters tall. South of the mountains is a mild desert; north are the cold wastes of Elwynn. Eastern Benacia is the drainage basin of the great River Elwynn and its many tributaries, most notably the North Elwynn and the South Elwynn. The Elwynn area of Shireroth has a second, smaller mountain range and is heavily forested. In the far west of the continent are the mountains of Goldshire, the marshy Elwynn Delta near Musica, and hundreds of little tidal islands.

Benacian Identity

Among the organizations fostering a Benacian sense of identity are the old Benacian Commonwealth and Eastern Benacia Radio.


State or jurisdiction Benacian Pop Date Note
Elwynn Elwynn 87,552,127 1672
Sanama Sanama 85,056,296 1674
Shireroth Shireroth 67,744,134 1674
Sathrati Sathrati 64,932,048 1669
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan 35,895,671 1669
Crisco Crisco 23,739,000 1674
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation 22,000,000 1674 (estimated)
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates 18,927,070 1672
Kalgachia Kalgachia 18,500,000 Unknown
Francia Francia 17,899,021 1679 Successor of West Amokolia
Ransenar Ransenar 16,000,000 1674 (estimated)
Batavia Batavia 14,668,254 1670
Stormark Stormark (Benacian territories) 7,900,000 est Gascony, Ravaria, Snæland
Tellia Tellia 5,000,000 1674 (estimated)
Florencia 1,509,506 1669 Disputed sovereign
Inner Benacia Inner Benacia 445,921 1668
Naudia'Diva 320,000 1669 (estimated) Disputed sovereign
Iridia 150,200 1669 (estimated) Disputed sovereign