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Nation: Elwynn
Population: 1,089,976 (1680)
Predominant language: Istvanistani

Main roads: 2 Major Highways
Major districts: 2

Current mayor:
Map versions: 9.4b-???

Anun (Amokolian: Anunia; Elw: Ануун, Anuun) is the traditional capital city of the Amokolian nation. All of the national government offices are housed there. Anun is an Elwynnese bailiwick. There are two cities in Anun, Anun City, and Christchurch.

North Amokolian was the sole official language of the bailiwick until its prohibition in 1699 AN.

A map of Anun


Statue of HWH Jacob I

The statue of the former emporer of Amokolia is located in the Anun city centre. The statue is made of bronze with the insribed words "To the founder of Amokolia, His Highness Emporer Jacob I" The statue was made in December 2007. The Statue is 50'tall. The pedistale on which the statue stands is 10' tall. There are Royal Amokolian guards guarding the statue like at buckingham palace.

Trans-Automatican Station

The TA station was built for the Trans Automatican rail way. The station is the hub for all of the Trains going to other places in Amokolia, and even to the Mainland Via the New London tunnel. The station has an estimated 100 travelers leaving the station every second. The light rail connects the station to the Airport. There are many food outlets in the station including one that even serves the highly prized Amokolian Potato Pie. The station even has its own terminal for the King, known as the royal tunnel

Capital Building

The capital building in Anun.

The Capital building in the city of Anun is one of the oldest buildings in Anun. Orginally built as a safehouse during the battle of Anuniaville, the building is where the Saenate chamber is, and is also where the Presidents office is. Tours are availible when the Saenate is not in Session. The Saenaters offices are also located in the back of the building. The rotunda of the building is painted on the top. the painting is of the battle of Anuniaville.

The Anunian International Airport, This is where most Amokolian Travels are.

Church of Elwynn Cathedral

The Church of Elwynn cathedral is an impressive building in the city, and is the centre of the Church of Elwynn Diocese of Anun (Enu saqarion Anuun).