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Flag of
Emblem of
Hymn: Mondolied
Location of
Headquarters Ermingander Village
Official language(s) Istvanistani
Cibolan Saxon
Type Supranational union
 - Monarch Mondo Etzeterra
 - Consort Anastasia
 - Main assembly Great Coordination Council
Establishment 1702 AN
Organisation website
Organisation forum

The Mondosphere (Cibolan Saxon: Mondosphäre; Sangunese: モンド圏 Mondoken) is a supranational union of sovereign states under the leadership of Mondo Etzeterra. As of 1716 AN, many members of the Mondosphere are also aligned with the Raspur Pact under Article 6 of the Treaty of Fort Ermingander.

Member states

Nation Member since Currency(ies) Population Capital Head of State RP Adherence
Akhidia 1717 AN Mondomark 1,000,000 (1707 AN) Mighi Şahan I No
East Zimia and the Wallis Islands 1720 AN Mon 17,552,424 (1724 AN) Southman Mina II No
Etzeland Etzeland 1702 AN Mondomark 13,535,551 (1716 AN) Neurossheim Mondo Etzeterra Yes
Finchidia 1716 AN Mondomark 810,000 (1707 AN) Finch Neil I No
Northbloom Northbloom 1702 AN Kalgarrand; Mondomark 242,000 (1702 AN) Ermingander Village Mondo Etzeterra Yes
Riskai Riskai 1702 AN Riskaian Krona 1,098,000 (1702 AN) Riskai Mondo Etzeterra Yes
Greater Sangun Greater Sangun 1702 AN Mon 22,000,000 (est) (1702 AN) Yasutomi Mondo Etzeterra Yes
South Valora 1717 AN Mondomark 5,000,000 (1717 AN) Korzan Draeg'ar Ral X No
Steerswick Steerswick 1702 AN Mondomark 2,716,009 (1717 AN) Steerswick Lystasia Steerswick No
Varmland 1702 AN Riskaian Krona 350,000 (est) (1702 AN) Carlstad Ichirō Yes