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Full name Anastasia Etzeterra
AKA Anastasia of Akhidia
Physical information
Species Human
Race Akhidian
Gender Female
Hair color and style Red
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Date of birth 1674 AN
Place of birth Zezo-Goturg
Residence(s) Riskai Palace, Riskai
Nationality Akhidian, Northbloomian, Etzelandic, Riskaian, Hurmudan

Anastasia (born 1674) is the Kaiseress-consort of Etzeland and queen consort of Riskai. The widow of Ytro I and daughter of the former governor of Zezo-Geturg, she married Mondo Etzeterra by proxy on 11.X.1702 AN. She was briefly queen of South Akhidia between the abdication of her stepson Şahan I on 9.V.1716 AN and the kingdom's incorporation within the newly-proclaimed Empire of Etzeland on 1.VI.1716 AN.

Her daughter by Mondo, Lystasia, is the reigning grand duchess of Steerswick.


  • ?-?.?.1702: Her Majesty The Queen of Akhidia
  • ?.?.1702-11.X.1702: Her Majesty The Queen Dowager of Akhidia
  • 11.X.1702-12.XIII.1702: Her Majesty The Queen of Riskai, Duchess of Etzeland
  • 12.XIII.1702-9.V.1716: Her Majesty The Queen of Riskai, Grand Duchess of Etzeland
  • 9.V.1716-1.VI.1716: Her Majesty The Queen of Riskai and South Akhidia, Grand Duchess of Etzeland
  • 1.VI.1716-present: Her Imperial & Royal Jolliness The Kaiseress of Etzeland, Queen of Riskai, Duchess of Rossheim and Artesia, Princess of Northbloom, Viscountess Ermingander, Baroness Mondo of Lichport and of Zijincheng