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Kingdom of Akhidia
Akhiďą Físaqła
Flag of Akhidia
Coat of Arms of Akhidia
Coat of Arms
Anthem: Ahkiď Įhđiqk
Location of Akhidia
Map versions 17.5.7 -
Capital Mighi
Largest city Mighi
Official language(s) Akhidian
Official religion(s) Nazarene
Demonym Akhidian
 - Adjective Akhidian
Government Monarchy
 - King Şahan I
 - Legislature Ahidar
Establishment 1716 AN
Area 709,848
Population 1,000,000 (est)
Currency Mondomark
Time zone(s) CMT -10:00
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal Hyena
National food Burrito
National drink Akhidian Paradise Vine
National tree Dracaena cinnabari
Abbreviation AKH

Akhidia, officially the Kingdom of Akhidia (Akhidian: Akhiďą Físaqła), is a monarchy in central Cibola and a constituent member of the Mondosphere. Its capital and largest city is Mighi.


The name Akhidia is commonly believed to derive from the legendary Ark of the Ahit, a mysterious artefact said to bestow fabulous riches upon whomever finds it. An alternative theory holds that the country is named for the mythical Knights of Ahd, a band of courageous warriors who swore an oath to defend the ancestors of the royal House of Zezo. There is little firm historical evidence for either explanation and a definitive answer is unlikely to be found.


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Government and politics

Akhidia is a unitary monarchy. Since 1716 AN, the reigning monarch has been King Şahan I, victor of the East Akhidian Civil War. The monarch governs alongside an elected legislature known as the Ahidar.

Administrative divisions

Akhidia is subdivided into six provinces, which are named after their principle city. Five of these- Mighi, Gebea, Rtoa, Efreldu and Gebek- are situated on the Cibolan mainland, whereas the sixth comprises the isle of Gera. The provinces are administered by governors appointed by the monarch.

Flag Province Population Capital
Mighi flag.png Mighi 330,000 Mighi
Gebea flag.png Gebea 179,000 Gebea
Rtoa flag.png Rtoa 149,000 Rtoa
Efreldu flag.png Efreldu 100,000 Efreldu
Gebek Gebek
Gera Gera

Foreign Relations

Nation Status Visa Policy Notes
Çakaristan Çakaristan Friendly Visa required Treaty 1699 AN
Hurmu Hurmu Friendly Visa on arrival, 10 days per year Treaty 1704 AN
Mondosphere Mondosphere Member Free movement Treaty 1706 AN; Joined 1716 AN
Sanama Sanama Friendly Visa-free travel, 90 days per year Treaty 1703 AN
Senya Senya Friendly Visa-free travel, 90 days per year Treaty 1704 AN
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands Friendly Visa-free travel, 90 days per year Treaty 1705 AN


Akhidia has a population estimated at around one million.

Ethnic groups

Ethnic groups in South Akhdia

  Batii (45%)
  Fentoian (30%)
  Saxon (19%)
  Other (6%)

Akhidia is home to three major ethnic groups. The Batii, a Matbaic people originally from Eastern Cibola, account for an estimated 45% of the population. The Fentoians, who compromise approximately 30% of the population, are the second largest group. Cibolan Saxons are the third largest group; concentrated primarily on the island of Gera, they are believed to make up some 19% of the total population.