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Most nation-states have an anthem, defined as "a song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism"; most anthems are either marches or hymns in style. A song or hymn can become a national anthem under the state's constitution, by a law enacted by its legislature, or simply by tradition. A royal anthem is a patriotic song similar to a national anthem, but it specifically praises or prays for a monarch or royal dynasty. Such anthems are usually performed at public appearances by the monarch or during other events of royal importance. Some states use their royal anthem as the national anthem.

National anthems are usually written in the most common language of the state, whether de facto or official. States with multiple national languages may offer several versions of their anthem.

National anthems of MCS member states
Country National anthem Date adopted (de jure) Lyricist Composer/Artist Audio
Batavia Batavia Staatshymne der Bataven 1524 AN Gustaaf Vermeylen Edward Elgars Link
Çakaristan Çakaristan Azeem-o-shaan shahenshah 1688 AN Javed Akhtar A. R. Rahman Link
Calbion Calbion Calon Lân 1610 AN Daniel James John Hughes Link
Craitland Craitland Vycasio yhn Honór 1475 AN Link
Etourney Etourney Men of Etourney 1651 AN Link
Etzeland Etzeland Mondolied 1702 AN Unknown Ron Goodwin Link
Floria Floria Song of the Florian Patriots 1697 AN United Party of the Republic Link
Forajasaki Forajasaki Chariotic Anthem -41BP (de facto)
RP 2617 (de jure)
Sayyid Ahmad Abdullah bin Jamalludin Léo Morgan
Jääland Jääland Pohjoisen rohkea 1678 AN Link
New Batavia New Batavia Gebed voor het vaderland 2007 Remy Piryns Gaston Feremans Link
Phinbella Phinbella Die Stem van Phinbella RP 2616 Mat Phineas Flynn and Mat A'an Flynn Ahn Eak-tai Link
Senya Senya Œ nasɏon Sanya 1589 AN Unknown Unknown
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands Song of the Midnight Isle 1576 AN Link
Steerswick Steerswick The Song of the Steerish Folk 1703 AN Unknown Lousia Clare
Victoria Victoria Will Ye Go, Victoria, Go 1583 AN