United Party of the Republic

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United Party of the Republic
Abbreviation UPR
Leader Michael Hutchinson
Chairman Morgan Sharp
President Anthony Kelly
Spokesperson Leon Wright
Founded 1656 AN
Merger of Conservative Party of the Florian Republic
Florian Independence Party
Imperial Democratic Party of Floria
Headquarters 10 Revenue Street,Northcliff
Newspaper UPR Monthly
Student wing Student Republicans
Youth wing Young Republicans
Overseas wing Republicans Abroad
Membership  (1725) 3.8 million
Ideology Florian nationalism
Florian conservatism
Political position Centre-right to right wing
Official colors Dark Navy,white,black
Seats in the House of Representatives
362 / 705
Election symbol
UPR symbol.jpg

The United Party of the Republic is one of two major contemporary political parties in Floria. The United Party of the Republic is the largest party in Floria and has dominated Florian politics since its formation. It was formed in 1656 through a merger of the Conservative Party and members of the Florian Independence Party who had not fled to the free state or joined the Nationalist & Humanist Party. The party was briefly known as the UIP but changed name to the its present name in 1705 AN.

Despite not officially being aligned with the Nationalist and Humanist movement, many of its ideologies have influenced the party. The party’s ideology is considered right wing with many Conservative values however ideology became more centrist when members split from the party to form the Democratic Conservative Party. From 1732, following the disbanding of the breakaway party, the Democratic Conservative Party the party ideology returned to right wing policy.

The party currently supports lower taxes, gun rights, restrictions on abortion, restrictions on labor unions, restrictions on some LGBT+ rights and increased military spending. It has taken widely variant positions on abortion, immigration, trade and foreign policy in its history.

As of 1724, the UPR holds a majority in the Florian Congress. Its most recent presidential nominee was Michael Hutchinson, who has served as the President since 1725. There have been 6 United Republican presidents, the most from any one political party. The United Republican Party has won 7 presidential elections, six more than its main political rival, the Social Democratic Party of Floria.


Party policies


Electoral Performance

Foreign opinions

Allegations of crime and corruption

The United Party of the Republic has been widely criticised for being a party full of corrupt fascists after winning a supermajority in the 2018 general election. Adam Cooke the then President rejected the criticism saying that it was a general problem that was not restricted to one particular party but to all Florian parties.