Social Democratic Party of Floria

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Social Democratic Party of Floria
Party logo
Leader Rachael Adams
Founded 1706 AN
Headquarters Northcliff
Political ideology Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
Colours Red
Parliamentary seats
402 / 705

The Social Democratic Party of Floria (Alexandrian: partido socialdemócrata de Floria) is a centre-left social-democratic political party in Floria and has been the ruling party in the country since 1707. It is one of the two major parties of modern-day Floria replacing its troubled predecessor the Labour Party.

The SPD was established in 1706 and holds Pro-Apollonian stances and is an advocate of greater cooperation with Floria's neighbouring nations and healthier relations with the XC whilst still being members of the Raspur Pact. The party holds some similarities with the Social Democratic and Liberal Alliance of Nouvelle Alexandrie however does not recognise the ideals of Aldricism.


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