Florian Senate

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Florian Senate
Florian Seanad (FLO)
Sénat Florian (ALX)
Florian new COA.png
Seal of the Florian Government.
Upper house of the Confederate States Congress
Houses 1
Term limits
one year
Founded 19th January 2018
Preceded by Florian House of Commons
Seats 101
Political groups

Florian Government ():

Political groups

Florian Opposition ():

Meeting place
Florian Senate Building

The Florian Senate is the Confederate States of Floria's upper house of its bicameral legislature. It was originally established as the Florian House of Commons before being destroyed in the War of Lost Brothers. The new legislature, the Florian Senate became its replacement.

The Florian Senate has a total number of 102 members, with all of them voted into the Senate. Common tongue is the official language of the majority, but Martino is also spoken.

Powers and Authority



Electoral history