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Social Democratic and Liberal Alliance of Nouvelle Alexandrie

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Social Democratic & Liberal Alliance of Nouvelle Alexandrie
  • Partido Social Democrata y Liberal (Martino)
  • Parti Democrate Sociale et Liberale (Alexandrian)
  • Tantanakuy Waki (Wechua)
Abbreviation SD&LA
Leader Julio Delgado
Founded 1698 AN
Preceded by 1698 AN, merger between the Solidarity Party and the Progressive Party
  • Aldricism
  • Liberalism
  • Federalism
  • Progressivism
  • Social Democracy
  • Democratic Socialism
  • Populism
Political position Center-left to left
Official colours      Red      White
Federal Assembly of Nouvelle Alexandrie
234 / 619

The Social Democratic and Liberal Alliance of Nouvelle Alexandrie (SDLA, or the "Social Democrats") is one of the two largest contemporary political parties in Nouvelle Alexandrie. It was founded in 1698 AN, when the Solidarity Party and the Progressive Party united to create the party as a unified center-left big tent party. Its main political rival in New Alexandrian politics is the center-right Federal Humanist Party. The SDLA is a political party that has been described as "an alliance of Aldricsts, liberals, social democrats, democratic socialists, market socialists, and trade unionists." The SDLA sits on the centre-left of the political spectrum.

The SDLA's philosophy of modern liberalism blends notions of civil liberty and social equality with support for a mixed social economy. The party is a big-tent coalition with influential centrist, liberal, progressive, and conservative wings. Corporate governance reform, environmental protection, support for organized labor, expansion of social programs, affordable education, health care reform, equal opportunity, and consumer protection form the core of the party's economic agenda. On social issues, it advocates campaign finance reform, LGBT rights, stricter gun laws, abortion rights, and the legalization of marijuana.

The SDLA has historically given its support to the establishment of universally accessible public services like child care, education, elderly care, health care, and workers' compensation. It has strong connections with the New Alexandrian labor movement and trade unions, being supportive of collective bargaining rights for workers and measures to extend decision-making beyond politics into the economic sphere in the form of co-determination, or social ownership, for employees and stakeholders. The Aldricist Way, which aims to fuse liberal economics with social democratic welfare policies, is an ideology that developed in Shireroth and Ransenar starting around 1660 AN and has a strong contingent of supporters and policy developers within the SDLA.

The incumbent leader of the Social Democratic and Liberal Alliance, Julio Delgado (1698 AN), is the first President of the Government of Nouvelle Alexandrie from the party. He currently (1706 AN) leads a coalition government with the Moderate Caucus. The SDLA currently holds 309 out of 619 seats in the Federal Assembly. In the 1703 general election, the SDLA also won the Regional governments of 8 out of 10 Regions.



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