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Total Area: 43,531,480.32 km²
Area of major landmass: {{{area_landmass}}} km²
Population: 354 (million)
Date founded: {{{date_founded}}}
Countries: 23
Dependencies: 0
Languages: English, Beaugian, Craitish, Pallisic, Welsh
Largest Cities: Madness
New Kirrie

Keltia is the largest of all Micrasian continents.

Origin and Etymology

Keltia was added during or before Series 3, along with the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere. It was formerly known as the Attera continent, after Attera, one of its first inhabitants. In 2006, St. Fenix proposed the name Keltia (pronounced Kel-SHuh); the origin is unknown although it might have something to do with Kampong.


Micras' largest continent, Keltia is often compared to Asia. The "Himalayas" of Keltia, the Snowholme Range, is one of Micras' most impressive mountain chains, especially its highest peak, Mt. Lacara (7907 m). To the west of the Snowholmes are two large lakes and a large plain around them; to the east is a band of desert and then more fertile lands in the Far East, which is separated from the rest of the continent by the Strait of Haifa. The south is dominated by Lake Cherusken.


The west was originally the Free Republic, whose influence is still felt in names like Lake Guimont, and later Karnali, a Nepali-themed nation who did much to lend the northwest its Himalayan character. The center was Attera for many years, until the country switched to the GSO and later disappeared entirely. The far east hosted Shireroth's Duchy of Lothlaria (previously Akerbjorn) for a long time before it was lost; later it blossomed into a group of Asian nations including Sangun, Kampong, and Xinguo, and later a group of British nations like Nova England New Britannia, Uantir and Bosworth. The south area around Lake Cherusken started as the domain of a country called Interland in 2001.