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Republic of Karnali
कर्णाली गणतन्त्र
Gānātantra Karnali
Official language Sanskrit (official), English (administrative)
Capital Kaligandaki
Largest cities Kapisa, Pataliputra, Kosambi, Sarvasti
Website Karnali Website
Forum Karnali Forum
Number of citizens N/A
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive)
Date founded 28th February 2003
Government N/A
Current leader N/A
Currency Karnal (क)
National animal Raven
Map versions 6.6.1 - 8.0.0

The Republic of Karnali was founded on the 28th of February 2003 by a micronationalist named Hoefensfill, later known as Nephthys Qebhsennuf. The nation was inspired by the Kingdom of Nepal. The official languages of the Republic were English and Sanskrit. Karnali saw its last activity in 2008.

The government went through four main transitional periods that included three different constitutions and ending with the restructuring of its republic into a parliamentary monarchy. These transitional periods are officially know as the First Republic, the Second Republic, the Third Republic, and the Monarchy.

Much activity of the nation revolved around its sole defense force and notorious intelligence agency known as the Karnalian Intelligence Agency (KIA). The KIA was founded the very day the Republic was founded.