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  Federal capital city and federal district  
Northcliff at night time and daytime
Nickname(s): The Cliff, Big Orange
Country Confederate States of Floria
State Kingsland
Founded 1647 AN
 • Body City Council
 • Mayor Nigel Aarons
Population (1719)
 • Total 14,459,000
 • Rank 1

Northcliff is the capital city of Floria and is the largest city in the country by population. The city is located in the northwest of the country, not far from the Kildarian border. In the distance, the highest mountain in the country can be seen, as Northcliff is located in the hilly region of the country and the city has many attractions, such as ruined shrines from the country's Jingdaoese era and ruined buildings after the War of Lost Brothers amongst the modern buildings which make up the vast majority of the city today.

Northcliff is an important city on Micras with the city having significant influences in finance, sports, tourism, fashion and politics. Northcliff is known as the 'Drug Capital of Micras' due to the large number of shops selling cannabis particularly in the n areorthern parts of the city.


Early history

Destruction after the war of Lost Brothers

The ruins of Northcliff after the war of Lost Brothers

Present day Northcliff

Present day Northcliff.


National government




Ethnic groups

75% of the city is ethnically Florian with the other 25% being from other countries.





Northcliff has one major airport Northcliff St. Farrar International Airport, which is currently the largest airport in the Confederate States of Floria.


Northcliff is the main hub of rail transportation in the Confederate States of Floria.

Buses and trams

Cable car


Main article: Northcliff Metro

The Northcliff Metro opened in September 2018, after many delays such as the War of Lost Brothers and the country's economic crisis. The system has 36 lines, 470 stations and is one of the most popular ways of public transport in the city.







Northcliff is home to the headquarters of the FFL,ICHL,FBA,SLB and FBA. The Northcliff metropolitan area hosts sports teams in the five major Florian professional sports leagues.

The city currently plays host to 19 major professional sports teams, each with varying success. Two of Micras's largest stadiums can be found in the city. Because of the numerous amount of professional sports franchises and sports venues across the city, Northcliff is described as "one of the prominent centres of sporting excellence in Micras". In most peoples opinion, Northcliff is Micras's largest sports market. Gridiron football, baseball and association football are the most popular sports in the city. Northcliff United, the city's most popular football team are also Floria's most successful football club and are the joint most successful AEFA Champions' League winners.

The city is home the Raspur Pact Centre of Sports Excellence, the elite sports academy of the Raspur Pact which offers non-Florian athletes scholarships in numerous sports such as baseball, football, Florian Gridiron and basketball etc.

Northcliff also hosts the Northcliff Grand Prix, one of Formula Micras's flagship GPs.