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Gustaaf Vermeylen (AKA Arky and Arkadius) is a Dutch micronationalist who is active again after a period of absence. Gustaaf previously was a character, but now Gustaaf is the main account.




Story series

Detailed maps


Gustaaf controls the following characters:

Some of these characters and all of Gustaaf's current characters are listed here.


A special thanks to those who have honoured me with the following awards:

  • The Fnord 2022 for Literature is awarded to Arky, who has crafted captivating stories in a near desert of Micran literature
  • The Fnord 2022 for Diplomacy is awarded to Arky, who has effectively navigated the complexities of international relations, fostering peace and cooperation among nations and kept his dignity intact while doing it
  • The Fnord 2021 for Literature is awarded to Gustaaf for his industrious output over the past year
  • The Fnord 2020 for Best new micronation is awarded to Çakaristan
  • The Fnord 2018 for leadership: Gustaaf Vermeylen