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Hendrik Leopold des Vinandy

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Hendrik Leopold des Vinandy
Hendrik V of Batavia.png
Full name Hendrik Leopold des Vinandy
AKA Hendrik V
Physical information
Species Human
Race Batavian
Gender Male
Hair color and style brown
Eye color blue
Skin color white
Other beard
Biographical information
Father Karel Leopold des Vinandy
Mother Elisabeth van Hollandt
Date of birth 22.I.1645 AN
Place of birth Schaarlecht
Residence(s) Blanckenhof Palace
Nationality Batavian
Allegiance(s) Batavia
Occupation King of Batavia, Prince of Vinandy

Hendrik Leopold des Vinandy (1645 AN) is King of Batavia since 1691 AN. He is the second son of Karel Leopold des Vinandy and Elisabeth van Hollandt.

He is the brother of Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, Emir of Arbor, former King of Batavia. Henry was nominated as the next king of Batavia, instead of Elisabeth Asara. If he accepts the Lion's Throne, the discussion about the children of Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy and Clara Sundara will be avoided over the succession to the throne. His possible accession to the throne is very similar to the situation in 1524 AN, with the accession to the throne of Arkadius II, his great-grandfather, after the abdication of his brother.

Marriage and children

He married in 1685 AN with Elena de Aragon. She was born on 16.III.1653 AN, a distant descendant of the former Grand Duke of Aragon. Together they have four children:

  • Frederik Alfons (1688 AN)
  • Sofia Leonor (1690 AN)
  • Willem Antonius (1694 AN)
  • Clarissa Isabella (1694 AN)


Hendrik, in 1691 AN, while waving from the balcony of the Royal Palace of 's Koningenwaarde.
Main article Coronation of King Hendrik V

On 1.XV.1691 AN Henrik Leopold was crowned King of Batavia. At his request the coronation ceremony was kept austere, only the Batavian traditions were held. Unlike his brother, no big party was held on Arkadius Square. No overflight of fighter planes and no parade of military vehicles. His coronation was marked with a series of local festivities, and a series of religious ceremonies all across the country.

The revolutionary government of the Batavian Commune, headed by Pieter Beeck, condemned the coronation: "Hendrik may look like a simple man, but just like those who hold blue blood, he seeks to rule over the workers. Born as a son of a tyrant, and holding the blood of tyrants: he's merely a wolf in sheep's clothing". Revolutionary newspapers remained silent, as attacking Hendrik directly was deemed dangerous (and too early) due to his family's popularity and almost mythical status among large parts of the citizenry.


Since the end of 1709 AN Hendrik was no longer seen at public affairs. Slowly the media began to make all kinds of suggestions as to what might be going on. Questions to the Royal Information Service were not answered concretely. Wild stories began to circulate about Hendrik's condition. The Prime Minister did not want to say much about the case either.

A trainee journalist took part in the 1710 edition of the Tricycle Tour. He had spotted Hendrik in Leylpur at the health clinic there. Pictures of the sick king soon circulated in the media. When it also turned out that the annual speech from the throne would not be read by Hendrik, it caused an uproar in the Lagerhuis.


Preceded by:
Salome Ylva Octavia Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine (as Staatsholder of Batavia)
King of Batavia
Succeeded by