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Emirate of Arbor in Barikalus

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Emirate of Arbor in Barikalus
إمارة أربور في باريكالوس
'imart 'arbur fi barikalus
Francia flag.png Frankish Empire -- (1685 - 1702) -- Arboric Republic of Barikalus Barikalus flag old.png
Flag of Arbor
Coat of Arms of Arbor
Coat of Arms
Motto: Justice and Faith
(Arboric: العدل والإيمان)
Location of Arbor
Map versions 9.4b – 16.6.4 (as Kingdom of Amokolia)
16.6.5 – 16.8.3b (as Frankish Empire)
16.9.0 (as Emirate of Arbor)
Capital Al-Hamra
Largest city Madinat al-Fath
Official language(s) Arboric
Official religion(s) Craitism
Demonym Arbor
 - Adjective Arborish
Government Hereditary monarchy
 - Emir أمير‎ Mahmud bin Alsalam
 - Grand vizier وزیر اعظم Mustafa Asada
 - Legislature Majlis al-Imar مجلس الإمارة
Establishment 1504 AN as Amokolia
1678 AN as Francia
1685 AN as Emirate of Arbor
Population 45,319,518 (1700 AN)
Currency Gold dinar (Arboric: ﺩﻳﻨﺎﺭ ذهبي‎)
Abbreviation EOA and AB
Mains electricity 230/400 V - 50 Hz
Driving side right
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)
Calendar Norton calendar
Time zone(s) CMT+1,50
National website
National forum Forum of Arbor
National animal Camelus dromedarius
National food Falafel
National drink Coffee
National tree Date palm

Arbor, officially the Emirate of Arbor in Barikalus (Arboric: إمارة أربور في باريكالوس), was a sovereign nation located in the eastern part of the continent of Apollonia. Strategically located on the Pound Strait, the country shares land borders with Çakaristan to the southwest and Lac Glacei to the north, and it shares the River Glacei with Hurmu, and shares maritime borders with Çakaristan and Nouvelle Alexandrie. The coast is formed by the Antican Sea on the southwest, the Pond Strait on the southeast and Strait of Pearls on the east. The country surrounds the Khalij al-Salam (Arboric: خليج السلام) in which the capital is located on an island. In the Strait of Pearls is the island of Mayurqa (Arboric: مايوركا) located.

Since 1685 AN the Emirate of Arbor has existed, with Emir Mahmud bin Alsalam as hereditary leader of the country. The nation sees itself as a continuation of the earlier Kingdom of Amokolia and the Frankish Empire. Moreover, the population consists for the most part of fugitive citizens of Arcadia, Francia, Helderbourgh and Stormark. As a result, the country is multi-ethnic and multicultural, dominated by an ever-growing fusion of cultures into a common Arborish culture. This is expressed in a common language, Arboric, and conversion to a new religion, Craitism.

Although Al-Hamra is the official capital, many government institutions are located in Madinat al-Fath. Earlier, the country had a strict class policy, granting access based on recognition of other countries and belief in Craitism. Today, only the capital Al-Hamra is restricted and special permission is required.


The name "Arbor" was given to the original archipelago where the nation originated in Storish period. The name is Catologian for 'trees', referring to dense forestation on the islands. With the foundation of the Emirate that name was used for this new state. The name has been transliterated in the Arboric into 'arbur (أربور).

The addition "Barikalus" (Arboric: باريكالوس) means ‘land by the pond’, a reference to Arbor's location on the shore of Pond Strait.

The nickname of the nation is: imart juzur alfirdaws walwahhat alrrayiea (Arboric: إمارة جزر الفردوس والواحات الرائعة), meaning 'the Emirate of paradisiacal islands and delightful oases’.


Geography of Arbor

Water boundaries

Most of Arbor’s boundaries are water: the River Glacei, which forms the border with Hurmu from the Lac Glacei border, the Antican Sea along the west, the Strait of Monemici along the southwest, the Khalij al Salam, the Pond Strait along the southeast and Strait of Pearls along the east. The Dabab al-Sabah (morning mist bay) is part of the Strait of Pearls. The emirate's largest island, Mayurqa Island, is located in the same water.

Arbor also shares land boundaries with Lac Glacei in the north, and with Çakari enclave Vathia on the southwest coast.

Continental Peninsulas

The land mass of the emirate can be roughly divided into two peninsulas, separated by the Khalij al Salam. The western peninsula is dominated by the Jibal al-Ahmar (Arboric: جبال الأحمر): the Red Mountains. Between these mountains and the River Glacei lies a watery lowland. There are many lakes and swamps, which are connected by a maze of streams and brooks.

From the mouth of the Glacei River in the Antican Sea to the Çakari enclave of Vathia, lies a fertile coastal strip called: Qitae al-Bahr (Arboric: قطاع البحر): Sea strip. The southern coast along the Strait of Monemici is dominated by rocky cliffs and coves with sandy beaches.

Between the two peninsulas lies the Khalij al Salam, which is surrounded by a lowland. The coastline is jagged, but the landscape is slightly hilly. There are several islands in the gulf, including the island with the town of Al-Hamra. North of the gulf is the Maerifa Plain, which rises up to the northern border of the emirate.

The eastern peninsula is dominated by the Jibal al-Hajar (Arboric: جبال الحجر): the Stone Mountains. The area between the mountains and the coast on the south and east sides is characterised by many streams and brooks, coming from the mountains and flowing into the sea. This area is called the Granary of Arbor, because of its fertile land for agriculture. Further north, the landscape becomes dry and arid.

Mayurqa Island

The landscape of the island is characterised by woodlands, almond trees, fertile plains and often dramatic coastlines with sandy coves separated by craggy cliffs. The waters around the island contain many coral reefs.


See also the Timeline of Arbor

Arbor Spring

In the disastrous year of 1685, the very young Franco-Batavian Empire shook its foundations. A plot to overthrow the Kaiser von Francia and King of Batavia was carried out. At the same time, the ancient High Realm of Stormark fell and disappeared from Micras. A power vacuum arose.

On the way to Batavian Cibola, Arkadius Frederik Gustavus of Vinandy was poisoned. A bottle of whiskey he received from a loyal friend contained poison. This put the Kaiser in a coma. Because the Imperial Frankish Guard had not checked this bottle, a power struggle arose with the Tassity Mansabdar. The plane with the Kaiser and his family was therefore flown to the Arbor Isles. That archipelago was a jarldom of Stormark, which had not long before been granted to the Kaiser.

The chaos was complete when communication with the outside world was cut off. The Frankish Empire became ungovernable because the Kaiser and the Regent were missing. The Chancellor was shot, the Amokolian Highlanders turned against the Franks. In Batavia it was still possible to keep the country together on the continent of Benacia. But Arcadia, Batavian Cibola and Helderbourgh ceased to exist.

The remaining loyal troops of the Tassity Mansabdar together with the loyal Imperial Frankish Army formed a new force: the Muharibu Alhuriya (Arboric: محاربو الحرية). To protect their Kaiser, the Arbor Isles were isolated and cut off from the outside world. This created a new state, which sees itself as the only legitimate successor to the Frankish Empire: the Emirate of Arbor. The comatose Kaiser was declared an emir. He was given the name: Mahmud bin Alsalam, meaning: the praiseworthy son of peace.

The news of the emirate's foundation became known all over Micras, causing the stateless and former Stormarkians to hope for a safe haven. The central person they hoped for is the emirate. Her Storish roots are obvious, but for the Normans felt connected to her because she was their Imperial Chieftain. Together with the Jorviks, the Normans organized an armada of ships to sail as many people as possible to the Arbor Isles. The local militia, consisting mainly of former soldiers, had gained control of all kinds of weaponry. Among them were ships, submarines, fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, etc. Weapons were also collected from other former Storish areas, only what was left behind was destroyed.

The rumours that an armada was on its way to Arbor were not believed. Too unlikely. But it turned out to be true. Hundreds of ships of all sizes sailed the Arbor Isles. When they arrived, they were received by the Emira herself. The refugees were grateful that they were allowed to come, but also declared that they would no longer appear in public as skyclad. Micras is too unsafe for such a free expression.

With the prospect of the Kaiseress becoming a stateholder, the fugitive community of Froyalaners was alarmed. Some young people wanted to take up arms in order to obtain freedom by force. But this was not strategically feasible and did not have the support of the entire community. The reports about the armada and its shelter in the Emirate gave hope. In a petition, the Froyalan community asked for support to leave for Arbor. The Grand Vizier announced that the refugees were welcome, after which he sent ships to the Corprian Archipelago to explore a residential area there.

That same day the Grand Vizier was told that an alien ship had arrived in the port of Jazirat 'Uwyastar. This ship brought representatives of the lost tribes of the Torosh and Souf. They came to plead for the favour of the Emir to include their homeland into the Emirate. An expeditionary corps was sent out to explore the tribes' land. In this way the borders were determined and the area was annexed by the Emirate. The area was referred to as al-Manatiq al-Gharbia (Arboric: المناطق الغربية): western territories. This expansion forced the isolation and access policy to be changed, because the strict policy could not be maintained.

On 3.VIII.1687 AN the Emir awoke from his coma. When the news of the coma became known, people celebrated all over the Emirate. The Emir is alive and awake!

Move to Apollonia

In 1694 AN the whole country moved to the continent of Apollonia. The vast majority of people have no memory of this. In a mysterious way, this transformation took place without hurting anyone or being worse. All buildings and houses moved with them undamaged, only their arrangement and location changed. The capital Al-Hamra was a medium-sized city, but today it is located on a small island off the coast in the Gulf of Peace. Access to the capital is still limited, while the rest of the country is open for visits.

Because there are still people with a memory of Keltian Arbor, there is a split in society. More and more people are calling for people with these memories to be labelled psychologically ill. Only the Emir and Emira also have memories of Keltian Arbor.

The border between the two countries has been agreed with the new northern neighbour. A treaty with that country is expected soon. By treaty Bur Astir (Port Esther) was transferred to Hurmu.

Arboric Civil War

Main article: Arboric Civil War

Since 1701 AN the country has been embroiled in civil war. The detention of the Emir and the proclamation of a republic have ignited the latent discontent into war. Five factions emerged, each pursuing its own goal and tearing the country apart.


Before 1685 there were approximately 10.5 million people living on the Arbor Isles. When the Frankish Kaiser fled to the islands and then the emirate was founded, a large stream of refugees came to the islands to seek refuge. The refugees mainly come from Arcadia, Francia and Stormark.

1685 1686 1687 1688 1689 1690 1691 1692 1683 1694 1695 1696 1697 1698 1699 1700
Arcadian Batavians 9,076,313 9,218,811 9,338,656 9,465,661 9,618,059 9,629,601 9,641,156 9,652,726 9,664,308 9,675,906 9,687,517 9,699,142 9,710,781 9,722,434 9,734,100 9,745,781
Arbors 10,816,562 10,986,382 11,129,205 11,280,562 11,462,179 11,485,103 11,508,074 11,531,090 11,554,152 11,577,260 11,600,415 11,623,616 11,646,863 11,670,157 11,693,497 11,716,884
Franks 1,352,139 1,373,368 1,391,221 1,410,142 1,432,845 1,434,851 1,436,860 1,438,871 1,440,886 1,442,903 1,444,923 1,446,946 1,448,972 1,451,001 1,453,032 1,455,066
Helderbourghers 929,462 944,055 956,327 969,333 984,940 986,122 987,305 988,490 989,676 990,863 992,052 993,243 994,435 995,628 996,823 998,019
Jorviks 7,382,543 7,498,449 7,595,929 7,699,233 7,823,191 7,838,837 7,854,515 7,870,224 7,885,965 7,901,737 7,917,540 7,933,375 7,949,242 7,965,140 7,981,071 7,997,033
Normandians 6,331,250 6,430,651 6,514,249 6,602,843 6,709,149 6,722,567 6,736,012 6,749,484 6,762,983 9,776,509 6,790,062 6,803,642 6,817,249 6,830,884 6,844,546 6,858,235
Portogeese 24,233 24,613 24,933 25,273 25,679 25,710 25,741 25,772 25,803 25,834 25,865 25,896 25,927 25,958 25,989 26,020
Providians 6,014,688 6,109,119 6,188,537 6,272,701 6,373,692 6,387,077 6,400,490 6,413,931 6,427,400 6,440,897 6,454,423 6,467,977 6,481,560 6,495,171 6,508,811 6,522,480
Total 41,927,190 42,585,447 43,139,058 43,725,749 44,429,733 44,509,868 44,590,153 44,670,587 44,751,173 44,831,909 44,912,797 44,993,837 45,075,029 45,156,373 45,237,869 45,319,518


For as long as the Emir is in a coma and unable to rule, the Emirate is ruled by the Grand Vizier and the Muharibu Alhuriya. The Emira is involved in the government of the country and is seen as the representative of the Emir. Although a constitution has not yet been adopted, the Majlis Al'imar (Assembly of the Emirate) is in the process of being set up.


The Emir of Arbor (Arboric: أمير أربور) is the monarch and the head of state. The Emir was appointed to the foundation of the emirate by the Muharibu Alhuriya. The then Kaiser von Francia was renamed Mahmud bin Alsalam.

Royal family

The royal family consists of the people who are the first line in relation to the Emir. Tragically, the Emir's family has disintegrated. The children of his first wife are left behind in Batavia and are under the tutelage of Benjamin Cambernon. His second wife and their children are with the Emir. They form the formal royal family of Arbor:

  • Mahmud bin Alsalam (1642 - 1703 AN), His Majesty the Emir
  • Fatima bin Alsalam - bint Halbyurn (1638 - 1703 AN), Her Majesty the Emira
  • Hakim bin Alsalam (51)
  • Atiya bint Alsalam (51)
  • Aisha bint Alsalam (49)
  • Nur bint Alsalam (49)
  • Farhan bin Alsalam (47)
  • Astīr bint Alsalam (47)

Grand Vizier

The Grand Vizier (Arboric: وزیر اعظم) is the head of government. At the time when the Emir was still in a coma, the Grand Vizier was also defacto the head of state. Since its awakening the role as Head of State is formally that of the Emir. The current and first Grand Vizier is Mustafa Asada, the Sawar of the Tassity Mansabdar.

The debate on the role and function of the Grand Vizier is still ongoing. The question remains unanswered as to whether the function is electable by direct or indirect election, or whether the Emir de Grand Vizier is appointed by nomination or not.

Majlis Al'imar

The Majlis Al'imar (Arboric: مجلس الإمارة) is the parliament of the Emirate. Elections to this parliament are scheduled for 1688 AN. Like many government institutions, the Majlis Al'imar will be based in Madinat al-Fath.


Taifas of Arbor

The taifas are the provinces within the emirate. The exact statehood of the taifas is unclear, as Arbor does not formally have a constitution or state code. The word "taifa" (Arboric: طائفة) means "party", "band" or "faction".

Flag Taifa Capital
Al Xarq flag.png Al Xarq
Sahil al-Ajanib
Arkish flag.png Arkish‎
Madinat al-Fath
Jafasu flag.png Jafasu
Kahf Maqal flag.png Kahf Maqal
كَهْف مَقَل
Maerifa flag.png Maerifa
Mayurqa flag.png Mayurqa
Medina Mayurqa



The Emirate of Arbor, as well as its predecessors, plays a role in the story series "The Micras Chessboard" and the "Tales of the Emira". These stories support or extend the description of the history of the Emirate.