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Not to be confused with Al Hamra.

[[Image:|125px|Flag of Al-Hamra
[[Image:|80px|Coat of Arms of Al-Hamra
Coat of Arms
Motto: '
[[File:|225px|Location of Al-Hamra
Administrative Division
Founded 1685 AN (earlier as Brandenburg in 1672 AN)
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Al-Hamra (Arboric: الْحَمْرَاء) is the capital of the Emirate of Arbor. The city is located on an island in the Khalij al-Salam. The city was founded in 1685 AN, at the same time as the emirate was founded.


The name Al-Hamra is derived from the name of the emir's palace. The name of the Al-Hamra Palace (Arboric: قصر الحمراء) means the 'red palace'. Because of this palace, the city was created as the capital of the emirate.

Al-Hamra Palace

The Al-Hamra Palace dominates the city and is an extensive complex of buildings and gardens. The palace consists of several courtyards.

Al-Hamra Palace.

Gate of Justice

The Gate of Justice (Arboric: بوابة العدل) is the entrance to the Al-Hamra Palace. The gate has multiple functions, such as the place where laws and decrees are promulgated. The main function is cleaning. Because in mystical way pass the purest of heart.

All menace, traitors, fraudsters and liars fall dead in the gate as they try to enter the palace through the gate. After autopsy, the cause of death turns out to be cardiac arrest, as no external injuries are found. As a result, the Emir and his family are optimally protected against external threats. This mystical function is even used by judges to test a defendant's innocence in unclear trials.

Court of the Lions

The Court of the Lions (Arboric: بهو السباع) is the meeting place of Emir's advisors. The courtyard with the fountain of lions is the central place, surrounded by an intricate maze of corridors, halls and offices. Here bureaucracy is elevated to the status of art.

Hall of the Franks

The Hall of the Franks (Arboric: قاعة الفرنجة) is the main hall of the Emir, the throne room. To reach this hall one has to climb a staircase of 181 steps. 181 steps to the number of Norton years between the foundation of Amokolia and the foundation of Arbor.

House of Vinandy

The House of Vinandy (Arboric: بيت فيناندي) is the residential complex of the Emir and his family. Not to be confused with the term "House of Vinandy" for the family. This is the inner and most secluded part of the palace complex. Access to this residential complex is very limited. At each entrance door there is a red threshold, which marks the residential complex.

The guards of this part of the palace are eunuchs and the most loyal soldiers. The servants and kitchen staff live within the palace complex. The prepared dishes are tasted by specially appointed tasters.

There are various gardens and living areas within the residential complex. An indoor swimming pool, sauna, Babhkan steam bath and beer spa can be found there.