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House of Vinandy

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House of Vinandy
Country Batavia, Çakaristan
Motto Justitiae et Fides
Titles Duke of Gasconje
Prince of Vinandy
Founder Bertolf
Current head Karel Kyle des Vinandy
Founding year 790 AN
Cadet branches Vinandy-Alsalam

The House of Vinandy is a Batavian royal family, originally from Vinandy. Monarchs of Amokolia, Arcadia, Batavia, Çakaristan, Francia and Arbor originated from the family.

The family's origins are still shrouded in mists. A common story is that the progenitor is a descendant of Julius Civilis, the mythical founder of Batavia. This progenitor and formal founder was called Bertolf.

The family has provided 10 Batavian monarchs over the centuries. This includes the junior branch, Vinandy-Windsor. The current king of Batavia is Frederik II.

House treaties

To keep peace in the family, house treaties were drawn up. The first house treaty dates back to 1519 AN, on the eve of the accession to the throne of Arkadius Leopold des Vinandy as Arkadius I. Because this is a division of inheritance, this house treaty is called the Prima diviso. Almost two hundred years later, in 1717 AN, a second house treaty was concluded. This one is called the Secunda divisio. In this treaty, too, inheritances are divided, but with it also the rehabilitation of Frederik II as a member of the house. Discontent had arisen because of her premature succession to the throne and submission to the Shirerithian Kaiseress.

Prima diviso

Prima divisio des Vinandy is the house treaty of the House of Vinandy, in which the distribution of inheritances is regulated. This first distribution of the inheritances was drawn up by Frederik des Vinandy and has since been supplemented with annexes to the transfer of inheritances.

Prior to this house treaty, there was a strict regime of birth right (primogeniture), but other children often received gifts. Frederik des Vinandy wanted to prevent the many inheritances from leading to conflicts, such as succession wars.

Prima divisio des Vinandy
Today Frederik des Vinandy calls together his three sons to distribute all the possessions of the House des Vinandy. This division must retain the possessions, both in land and titles, for the family and provide foundation for later inheritance law.

Sons of the same house should live in peace and goodness.

To Arkadius Leopold, my eldest son, is assigned the claim to the throne of Batavia, the county of Vinandy and all possessions north of the Great Western Sea and south of the wall of Manuel.

Arkadius Hendrik, my second son, has been assigned the Duchy of Gascony and all possessions north of Manuel's wall.

To Gustavus Maurits, my youngest son, is assigned the claim to the throne of Arcadia and all possessions south of the Great Western Sea.

Insofar as the inheritance is passed on to children, this division applies to the sons. In the case of daughters, the own daughter is entitled to the assigned inheritance, but the inheritance does not transfer to her sons or daughters. The inheritance is then transferred to a male heir of the House des Vinandy.

All in-laws, who bring an inheritance in the marriage, will be admitted to the House des Vinandy, insofar as there are no hereditary conditions.

Transfer of possessions, such as land and titles, takes place under the unanimous consent of the tribal chiefs, starting with my three sons.

This division was established by Frederik des Vinandy in the year 1519 at Chateau des Vinandy, in the presence of his three sons, on the basis of Justice and Faith.

Secunda divisio


Family lines

  • Frederik III des Vinandy (♂, 1457–1520) m. 1490 Theodora Veronique (♀, 1469-1556)

The Leopold Line

The Hendrik Line

The Gustavus Line

  • Gustavus Maurits des Vinandy (♂, 1508-1593)
    • Gustavus Frederik des Vinandy (♂, 1531-1587)
      • Gustavus des Vinandy (♂, 1556-1639) m. 1579 Margaery Kreuzweg (♀, 1558-1642)