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Emperor Hiroto

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Emperor Hiroto
Full name Hiroto I
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style straight
Eye color Dark
Skin color Black
Other beard
Biographical information
Father Suzuki
Mother Yua
Date of birth 1680 AN
Place of birth Sanpantul
Residence(s) Kyūden and Takatu Palace in Kipei, Ohukyuden in Ōhu
Nationality Sanpanese, Hurmu
Allegiance(s) Sanpantul
Occupation Emperor of Sanpantul

Emperor Hiroto, other title is Hiroto I, Sanpantul nobleman ancient living emperor since 1703-1729 AN and member of Tonugawa Dynasty. He was born in Sanpantul. In 1711 AN, he married Atiya bint Alsalam. He was also Emperor Seiji's son and Prince Narutos older brother, but he died at a young age and was awarded the title of Honorary Prince. He continued to represent the Tonugawa Dynasty while in exile with his father, but they were not in control of the government-in-exile. They were eventually brought back to the island by Tobu when Great Apollonia annexed the area.

The marriage to Atiya was blessed with children:

  • Seiji (1713 AN)
  • Esuta (1713 AN)