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Sanpantul national football team

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Sanpantul Sanpantul
Logo of the Sanpantul national football team
Nickname(s) The Fugus
Association Sanhantosakkā Renmei
FMF member 2019–21, 2022–
Confederation EMUFA
Home stadium Stadium Sanpantul
FMF code SPT
First FMF intermicronational
Sanpantul Sanpantul 3–3 Port Ulje Port Ulje
Biggest win
River Warriors River Warriors 1–4 Sanpantul Sanpantul
Sanpantul Sanpantul 4–1 Kunapura Kunapura
Biggest defeat
Sanpantul Sanpantul 0–4 Craitland Craitland
EMU Championships
Appearances 1 (first in 2020)
Best result Third place

The Sanpantul national football team is the football team which currently represents the Çakari autonomous territory of Sanpantul and previously represented the Great Apollonian autonomous territory and independent nation of the same name. It is a member of the EMUFA, and is run by the Sanhantosakkā Renmei.

The team has existed twice in the FMF's history; firstly between mid-2019 and early 2021 as an independent nation, and secondly since early 2022 as a territory of Great Apollonia and in its current form.


The team was founded in mid-2019 after Sanpantul's Micrasian claim was successful. Later in the year, Sanpantul first participated in the 2019 Noka Cup—which the nation also hosted—advancing from their group with four points before back-to-back wins against Incontinentia and Etourney sealed them a first trophy.

After Sanpantul successfully bid to host the 2020 EMU Championships, therefore qualifying automatically, the team participated in the year's FMF Confederations Cup, where they finished bottom of their four-team group with four points. Later in the year, the team competed in the second Noka Cup, advancing from their group in second with six points before losing the semi-final and third-place match to Phinbella and Hazar, respectively, to place fourth. At EMU 2020, the team finished second in their group with six points before losing 2–1 to Mercury in the semi-finals, but beat Passas 2–0 to finish in third on home soil. Sanpantul left Micras in early 2021.

Sanpantul returned to Micras, and the FMF, in early 2022 after being granted increased autonomy from Great Apollonia. Shortly afterwards, prior to the start of the year's EMU qualifiers, Sanpantul became a territory of the newly-independent Çakaristan. In the qualifiers themselves, the team finished fourth in their five-team group with twelve points, behind New Sussex on goal difference.

The 2023 FMF World Cup qualification rounds saw the team finish third in their five-team group with eleven points.

Chronological competitive participation




No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Kugo Chuichi 30 Floria Ostville Wednesday
2 3DF Fujiwara Katsuya 30 Mercury Queen Athletic
3 3DF Shiraishi Munenori 28 Sanpantul Miyaji FC
4 3DF Aihara Taysuke 23 Sanpantul Dateido FC
5 3DF Yahiro Kazuo 26 Unattached
6 5MF Seno Buncho 21 Sanpantul Minato-machi Island FC
7 5MF Akibara Keitaro 31 Sanpantul Kipei Ninja
8 7FW Asaka Yoshimatsu 30 Sanpantul Kipei Ninja
9 7FW Wakamatsu Saionji 29 Sanpantul Ofu Takashi FC
10 5MF Ishido Higashikuni 28 Sanpantul Diyu Harbour
11 5MF Araya Genpaku 27 Sanpantul Tsuku FC
12 3DF Sanda Masaru 21 Sanpantul Tsuku FC
13 3DF Yakushimaru Tamasine 19 Sanpantul Okaru Washi
14 5MF Mihara Toshimichi 24 Sanpantul Okaru Washi
15 5MF Rokuda Hanshiro 26 Sanpantul 1675 Okuse SC
16 7FW Miyahira Ehomei 27 Unattached
17 7FW Konno Naomichi 20 Sanpantul Miyaji FC
18 1GK Naru Soseki 24 Sanpantul Diyu Harbour
19 7FW Ogino Yoritoki 19 Sanpantul Dateido FC
20 3DF Watase Yunosuke 27 Daau Daas City FC



Sanpantul has used the following flag during both of its FMF affiliations: