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Sanpo Rigu

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Sanpo Rigu
Countries Sanpantul Sanpantul
Confederation EMUFA
Founded 2018
First season 2018–19
Number of teams 14
Levels on pyramid 1-3
International cup(s) EMUFA Champions' League
2023–24 Sanpo Rigu

The Sanpo Rigu is Sanpantul's professional football league set. The league is under the control of SSR and consists of three leagues. The first league consists of 14 teams, the other two leagues consist of 10 teams. The third league is divided into two due to the geography of the island. After the third league, it continues as an amateur league. Anywhere except the Benjamin Islands, which is a disputed island, can participate as a sports club.


Club Location
Kipei Ninja Kipei
Miyaji FC Miyaji
Dateido FC Dateido
Kameoka Kankaguro Clans FC Kōriyama
Jitō Kurēn Jitō
Baticino Calcio Baticino
Ōhu Takagawshi Ofū
Tsuku FC Tsuku
Okaru Washi Okaru
Diyu Harbour Diyu
Meijisu SC Sukyugawa
Minato-machi Island FC Minato-machi
ReinMeer Miwatan Miwatan
Atletico Ogimi Ogimi


Year Winners
2018–19 Kipei Ninja (1)
2019–20 Ōhu Takagawshi (1)
2020–21 (cancelled) TBA
2021–22 Ōhu Takagawshi (2)
2022–23 Ōhu Takagawshi (3)
2023–24 Kipei Ninja (2)


Criteria must comply with SSR and FMF. Clubs can be owned by a company or become a club entirely owned by fans. Clubs are heavily inspected to prevent robbery. Stadiums can have a minimum capacity of 1,000. Approximately 20% should be displacement.

Gambling is allowed in the league. Gambling companies can advertise themselves in the stadium. Even some sections of pubs are reserved for gambling.

As a kit manufacturer, Cross Sportswear mainly produces jerseys. When Cross Sportswear moved to Kipei in 2023, it began producing jerseys for many Sanpo Rigu teams.