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Nation: Sanpantul Sanpantul
Population: 10,000,000
Predominant language: Japanese, Thraci

Main roads:
Major districts: Ehaoi, Umamichi, Tappu ,Kita, Mutsutori, Yahadaka, Nakabuchi, Narazawa, Tawarahoro, Minafurano, Birazaki

Current mayor: Oki Kagetoki
Kipei City.jpg
Map versions: 16.5.6–

Kipei (Sangunese: 喜兵, translit.: Kippei?) is the capital city of Sanpantul, the city's name's old spelling is Quipei. It is also the largest city and metropolitan area of ​​Sanpantul. The former metropolitan area of ​​Kipei included only six municipalities, the empire increased the city's metropolitan area after population growth and the number of municipalities increased to twelve. It has a population of approximately 10,000,000, making it one of the largest cities around the Skerry Isles. While the city used to be a simple fishing town (around present-day Tappu municipality), it has been heavily populated since it was later declared the capital. While the city used to be on an island, settlement reached the opposite shores with the increase in population. The city has hosted a lot of sporting events, especially the 2020 EMU Championships final took place here.

The city consists of two parts, the coast and Nami Island. Asenburi and Kyūden are located within the borders of Ehaoi municipality of Kipei and hence the title of the heart of the administration, Hiroto and Atiya also stay in the palaces located within the borders of Ehaoi, so the population of Ehaoi is comparatively lower than other districts for security reasons. Tappu is home to the oldest settlement and is located around Nami Island, it is also one of the most congested places. Other districts consist of people who came to the city later and found a job here, they stay in the districts that were established later. They predict that the city of Kipei will expand further in the future and occupy half of Kuwana.

The city is facing some problems in terms of population growth and accommodation, despite its very development. The city is already overpopulated and sensitive to protecting green spaces, which can make it a bit of a hassle for people to build new buildings. Sanpantul planned a new capital city, but this was never detailed. The city of Kipei wants to completely ban fossil fuels in the last thirty years and wants to switch to a neutral carbon system. Wooden skyscrapers will reorganize the city's dynamics, but these projects require detailed study.