Skerry Isles

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Skerry Isles

Skerries physical placenames.png

Area ??? km²
Population ?
Countries 5
Dependencies 1
Languages Alexandrian, Sanpogo, Samsrumukhat
Largest Cities Kipei

The Skerry Isles, also called the Skerries, are a collection of fourteen islands close to the equator of Micras. It is bounded on the northeast by Keltia, Lyrica Island to the northwest, and Eura to the south.

Origin and Etymology

The term skerry is derived from Old Stormarkian sker, which means a rock in the sea. Although much bigger than a mere rock, the term skerries began to be applied to the area as fishermen plied the waters from Lyrica, Keltia and surrounding inhabited continents. It is assumed that the name originally referred to the many rocky islets that dot the surrounding seas. Eventually the term became more broadly applied to encompass all the islands.


The two largest islands are Skerryvore and Duras, followed by Taras, April Island and Tortuga, respectively. East and West Sandwich along with Beneluccas follow. Lesser islands include Talenore, Aghir, Dundas, Newport and Bell Rock.


While Duras is the largest of the Skerries, Skerryvore (Great Skerry) has long been the center of activity for the islands. This is thanks in part to the siting and construction of the Lighthouse on the northern shores of Skerryvore. The Lighthouse was first constructed during the era of the Free Republic, when it was still a palatinate of Treesia. At the time conflict was rampant across Micras and the Lighthouse was a joint endeavor invested in by several nations as a neutral location to broker peace. What few realized was that the monolithic tower of stone would endure for over five-thousand years, eventually adopting its own unique characteristics, culminating in the formation of the Lighthouse City State.