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Pronunciation saṃśrumukhāt
Spoken natively in Karnali (historic), Great Apollonia
Language family

Tricontinental languages

  • Samsrumukhat
Writing system pin-man script (Brahmi script)
ISO 639 codes sa

Samsrumukhat is a language spoken in Sri Pashana, a state of Great Apollonia. It was also the official language of the historic Republic of Karnali.


The name "Samsrumukhat" is a compound of the words "saṃśru" (pin-man script: संश्रु), meaning "to hear", and "mukhāt" (pin-man script: मुखात्), meaning "from the mouth". So in full "saṃśrumukhāt" (pin-man script: संश्रुमुखात्) and fully means "heard from the mouth". A clear reference to the oral language, while the writing of this language was developed separately or later. The script is therefore called "pin-man", a typeface that could be written with a stick.


The first occurrence of this language can be traced back to the historic Karnali, which was located in the north-west of the continent Keltia. It is thought that the Karnali people split in both western and eastern directions. The westward migrated people are said to have settled in present-day Haritdesh. While the eastern people ended up on the east coast of the continent of Keltia, in the area between the Strait of Haifa and Lake Cherusken. This group was called the Guwahat during the period when New Britannia occupied that area. Thus, the area was called "Guwahati". The Guwahat people were enslaved and relocated to the Skerry Isles.

Another theory is what is called the "pangea-Micras linguistic theory". Namely, that the origin of Samsrumukhat, as well as that of Adarani, Agnesian, Karnali and Neemian must lie somewhere in the area of the Skerry Isles. All these languages would then have a common origin, as the origin of all populations speaking these languages would be in this same area. After the splitting of the continents, the original speakers also spread out in different groups to the areas of their present habitation. Some proponents of this theory claim that the origin of all these populations lies on the present-day island of Dura. The relocation of the Guwahat people is seen in this theory as a homecoming.

The strong affinity with Adarani (also called Ayrashti) suggests that in those early days there was also dispersion or exchange between the Skerry Isles and the south-eastern coastal lands of the continent of Apollonia. And must have been before the colonisation of Antican Skerries. Shortly after the transition of that area to Elwynn, Aryasht survived the collapse of Antica, where Aryashti was the dominant language.

Geographic distribution

The present distribution of Samsrumukhat is limited to Sri Pashana. In the past, the language was also found in Karnali. Along with its related languages, it has a wide distribution in Micras. In addition, borrow words from Samsrumukhat are found in the Phinbellan language.

Official status

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In Great Apollonia, Samsrumukhat is one of the recognised and official languages. In the state of Sri Pashana, it is a common spoken language.