Micras Organisation for Standardisation

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Micras Organisation for Standardisation
Flag of MOS
Headquarters Brigham, Sanama
Official language(s) Istvanistani
Type Intergovernmental organization
 - Secretary-General Benebatch Cumberdict
 - Deputy Secretary-General Jill Yong
 - Main assembly General Committee
Establishment 1680 AN
Membership 21 member states
Organisation website mos.mic
Organisation forum N/A

The Micras Organisation for Standardisation is an international organisation founded in Acquecalde, Sanama in 1680. Its stated goal is to promote worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards. Adoption of its proposed standards is strictly voluntary. The organisation is incorporated as a non-profit under Sanaman law. Following the Sanaman Civil War and the secession of Cisamarra, the organisation relocated to Brigham outside Niyi.


Former members


MOS–1: Two-letter country codes

See List of two-letter country codes

MOS–2: Three-letter country codes

See List of FMF three-letter codes

MOS–3: Internet country top-level domains

  • Option 1: Nijima system (e.g. @@nat/edu/usf/bagelston) - benefit: reuses FMF codes, detriment: not as secure as Option 2
  • Option 2: Panopticon-monitoring data carrying network (e.g. merensk_node/kernel65/adjunct9/SEG.ugb) - benefit: data security, detriment: access hierarchical and data heavily partitioned
  • Option 3: "Terran" system (e.g. bagelston.edu.na) - benefit: ubiquity, detriment: insecure by default

MOS–4: Currency codes

See List of circulating currencies

MOS–5: Dates

Norton calendar, notation DD.MM.YYYY, with months written in Roman numerals, all other in Arabic numerals. Names of months not used for international purposes. Each real month is one Norton year, written AN. Norton and Gregorian calendars should not be mixed. Use of the Norton calendar does not conflict with use of the Gregorian calendar for sports.

MOS–6: Time

Coordinated Micras Time: Time zones. Time using a 24-hour clock of 60 minutes (each minute 60 seconds long).

MOS–7: Narrative

Work in progress.

MOS–8: Wikification

Work in progress.

MOS–9: Languages

The Micras equivalents of many Terran languages can be found here: Micras Linguistic Society/Language_families. If a language isn't listed, link to Wikipedia with a different display language, for example: [[wikipedia:Sorbian language|Nerlidian language]].

MOS–10 Recwar Regulation

Work in progress.

MOS–11 Economy

A common framework for in character economy simulation. Work in progress.

MOS–12 Airport codes

See List of airport codes

MOS–13 Measurements

See Micras System of Units. Does not preclude local customary units.

MOS–14 Road Signs, Signals & Markings

Based on Convention on road signs and Summary of convention. Does not preclude local adaptations or customary designs.