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Kingdom of Ashinthael
Flag of Ashinthael
Coat of Arms of Ashinthael
Coat of Arms
"From the ashes we rise again"
Location of Ashinthael
Map versions
Capital Marble Palace
Largest city Slograde
Official language(s) Common tongue
Official religion(s) Dagoran
Demonym Ashinthaler
 - Adjective Ashinthaler
Government Absolute monarchy
 - King Irian I
 - Chamberlain Council of Elders
 - Legislature Teirwald
Population 4,521,000
Active population 1
Currency Thalmark
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side right
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal Dragon
National food Roast Pig
National drink
National tree Wasteland Oak
Abbreviation ASH

Ashinthael, officially the Kingdom of Ashinthael, is a country located in north-central Apollonia. It occupies much of the Teir'Dal Wasteland, which lies to the north of the Transprinitican District.


Ashinthael derives its name from Ashintully, the Menelmacari name for the kingdom which arose out of the Teir'Dal Wasteland. The name Ashintully itself is a loan-word from ancient Dagoran and means "lands of ash", referring to the desolation (hence wasteland) laid by the early dragons that once ran rampant throughout the area.



Part I: Rise of the Riders

Eons ago, past centuries lost to time, there thrived the great Elven Empire, Menelmacar, which spread across the face of Micras, defeating all opposition that came before it. In these ancient times the world held more magic than science; strange creatures and stranger civilizations thrived in places where men dared not tread. Denizens of the dark abyss led armies of demons across the southern latitudes, while tiger-riders scouted the hills of the central continents, and ancient octopi people studied arcane texts in their frozen strongholds. It was a time of wonder, where anything was to be expected. Man was hunted, and his future dominance of the planet was far but assured. Humanity lived in fear; fear of the dark and the things that flitted and gibbered in the night. Thus it was that the humans turned to the elves for protection.

The first human kingdom to join the elves was Elpidos, on the continent of Tapfer. Although isolated and able to defend itself, King William had become smitten with an elvish princess. The marriage combined two powerful empires and made the elves the most powerful nation on the planet. A few nations resisted further overtures to accept “protection” from Menelmacar, among them the fledgling Empire of Shireroth, but the elves were easily persuaded to direct their attention to the petty kingdoms in lands unclaimed by any civilized power. It was then that the elves landed armies on the shores of Apollonia and began the liberation of Freenesia.

To this freed land the masses of humanity spread. Proliferating like never before, they clashed with the various non-human tribes that occupied the continent, wiping out race after race in a bid to be the dominant power. What happened instead was a wholesale massacre; for while some evil races were eliminated, many other neutral races were likewise destroyed, without discrimination. As the humans and their elven allies pushed the frontiers of the empire further inland, providing a constant supply route and defending such a vast expanse became more and more difficult. By the time the northern boundaries reached the hamlet of York Na, the humans had begun to lose their footing.

It was here, among the high peaks of Central Apollonia, that the small tribe of dragon riders was first encountered. A mountain folk, who had long ago learned to tame and ride the dragons that dwelt in the caves, had formed a symbiotic relationship with their reptilian allies. The elves saw the power that could be wielded by such as they, and sought to bring the dragon riders into their fold. Having long fought against the varying dark powers, the dragon riders were easily convinced. In exchange for the power of their flying armies, Menelmacar supplied the dragon riders not only with necessities heretofore inaccessible to the mountain people, but showered them in treasures and finery. The dragon riders became resplendent in their newfound riches, and soon formed the Kingdom of Ashintully, extending elvish control to the opposite shores of Apollonia.

The dragon riders built the marvelous Marble Palace, with massive blocks of glimmering white stone lifted into place by the magnificent strength of the dragons. The palace towered over the valleys below, and dominated the land for leagues around. From their stronghold castle, the Ash Fort, they spread like never before, becoming richer and more decadent. Riders adorned in outfits of utter intricacy, and dragons decked in plaited gold armor soon became the rule. Ashintully became an empire of narcissists, so proud of its own glory that it refused to recognize any faults within itself. And this blinding pride would ultimately be their downfall.

Government and Politics