Marble Palace

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Marble Palace
Nation: Ashinthael Ashinthael
Population: ~654,230
Predominant language: Common tongue

Main roads: Spine Turnpike
Major districts: Palatia, The Stockade, Tower Mount, Oldfield

Current mayor: Illian Farndalf
Marble palace.png
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The Marble Palace is a gigantic palace and eponymous city that is the capital of Ashinthael. Work on the palace began around 1378 ASC (1480 AN) by the Imperium of Menelmacar and Kingdom of Ashinthael (then called Ashintully). The palace was built for the Royal House of Ashinthael to serve as a counterpart to the militarized Ash Fort located further to the west. Constructed entirely of glistening marble and built to immense proportions, the palace was originally intended just to provide a palace and associated grounds for the King and Queen of Ashinthael. But the grandeur of it soon attracted many Ashinthalers to settle around the palace, including much of the royal court and nobility. It soon grew to become a city rather than just a great castle. The city was razed several times by hostile armies, but was eventually restored to its former glory.