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Official language English
Capital Novatica
Largest cities St. Nova, Hells Gate, Rizactor
Number of citizens 26
Number of active citizens 8-10
Date founded October 25th, 2006
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader King Lachlan I
Currency NCU
National animal Dingo
National fruit/food Mango
National drink Novataini

Novatainia is in the process of creating their own Wiki in conjunction with Tokidoki. It contains more detail on all the aspects listed on this page, as well as many other details not listed here. The Novatainia-Tokidoki Wiki is located here.


Ministers are selected by the king to carry out certain duties for the Kingdom. They answer only to the king and the senate. They themselves do not need to be senators.

Current Ministers

Minister for Foreign Affairs - Babs

Minster for Arts and Education - Daniel

Minister for Defence - Elliot

Acting Treasurer – Da.Huntsman

Foreign Affairs


Novatainia's Minister for Foreign Affairs has worked tirelessly to secure important alliances for Novatainia. Novatainia's allies include:


Novatainia is the second micronation to officially take up magic under the new Magical Charter of Micras. It's MANA academy is particularly well defended, and its members have been instrumental in discovering and documenting many new magical creatures. It's current mages are as follows:

Lord of Magic - Andreas

High Druid of Land - Phoenix

High Druid of Sea - Da.Huntsman


Novatainia currently has a small military under the command of King Lachlan as Commander in Chief. Some units include:

  • The Army
  • The Navy
  • The SAS
  • The Royal Guard - An elite force that is sworn to protect the King at all times. (Under the direct Command of King Lachlan)



Without doubt, one of the most popular parts of Novatainian culture is the DZ. Founded in St. Nova, the DZ came about after it was noticed that the citizens of Novatainia enjoyed destroying each other's property. The DZ was created to facilitate this, without the worry things like 'Duty of Care' and 'Compensation'. There are only 4 rules:

  • No WMD’s
  • No killing people
  • No shooting into the crowd
  • No Magic

Breaking these rules results in a yellow card. Receiving two yellow cards in one week results in a 24 hour ban. To date there has been one red card when the King used a Nuclear weapon then argued with the referee.



The NFL (Novatainian Football League) is the national league for Novatainia. It currently has eight teams, half of which are based in either Novatica or St. Nova.

Preseason Cup

The results of the preseason cup were:

  • Novatica United - Winners
  • Rizactor Rangers - Runners Up
  • St. Nova City - Semi Finalists (eliminated by Rizactor)
  • St. Nova Strikers - Semi Finalists (eliminated by United)
  • Novatica West - 3rd in Group 1 (4 points)
  • Bahira - 3rd in Group 2 (4 Points)
  • Ridgedon - 4th in Group 2 (1 Point)
  • Helenax - 4th in Group 1 (0 points)

World Cup

Novatainia, along with Tokidoki, won the bid to host the FMF World Cup. Novatainia was drawn in the following Group:

  • Gaia
  • Matbaa
  • Passas
  • Novatainia

Novatainia played Passas in their first international match, but lost 3-0.

Other Information

Public Holidays

  • 1st of January: New Years Day
  • 3rd of May: Kings Birthday
  • 25th of October: Novatainia Day
  • 11th of November: Peace Day
  • 24th of December: Christmas Eve
  • 25th of December: Christmas Day
  • 26th of December: Boxing Day
  • 31st of December: New Years Eve

The King and the Parliament have the power to make new Public Holidays.