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Official language English
Capital Scottsland
Largest cities Dumbville
Number of citizens 10
Number of active citizens 6
Date founded 1st November 2006
Government Monasterial
Current leader King Lewis
Currency Green Grass Pound (¬GGP)
National animal Green-Cheeked Parrot
National fruit/food Pork Scratchings
National drink Tea
Map versions 9.4b-???


Greenuk was started on November 16, 2006 by Geoff after watching the BBC series "How to start your own country". It started with four of Geoff's friends as citizens but it's expanding. In late 2007, King Geoff decided to leave his country to another person. There was a short time of people applying and then King Lewis was chosen.

King Geoff

Geoff started Greenuk with help from his friends. He hecame the Minister of HEADS at Amoria, then went on to get a Lovely LUv and a MSc LUv. He abdicated in September 2007.

King Lewis

King Lewis (notable for being the Hamperor of Hamland, and current king of Monovia) took over power in late September 2007. He sought to keep Greenuk alive and yet link it to his other micronations. As he could not be head of state of 2 micronations, he seeked to unite Greenuk in a commonwealth.


Greenuk's GGP Halmark is ¬

£1 - ¬5

$1 - ¬2.60

€1 - ¬3.40

Places of Interest

  • Scottsland- The capital city of Greenuk.
  • Dumbville- The govenmental city.
  • Jamico- The agricultural town.
  • Mort- The seaside resort on the south fifth isle.
  • St Dennis- The small flower fulled Town.
  • Peir- An isolated fishing village.
  • Cromer- The seaside resort with views of Scottsland.
  • Amoria- A small village with an american touch.
  • Shipton- A village which is set in the late eighteen hundreds.

Greenuk Territory

MCS (Territory)

Greenukclaim V8.PNG






Greenuk is a member state of the United Commonwealth.