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Official language German, Crandish, Krantisk
Capital Johannsessbuurg
Website defunct
Forum defunct
Number of citizens 7
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive)
Date founded 2001
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader Robert Belci
Currency Mark
National animal Lion
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 6.6.1

Cranda or, to be more exact, Upper Cranda, was one of the constituent parts of the Duchy of Arminy; the others being Northworthy and Hurmu (then including Elwynn). Cranda began its life as the Republic of Cranda, founded by Robert Belci, aka Johannes fonn Klosso, and alternately called Kranda or the Krantisk Republik. As an early addition to the Apollo Sector nations, Cranda was, besides Slobovia, one of the earliest German-themed micro nations. It later joined with the Anglo-Saxon themed Northworthy and another German themed nation, Slobovia, to form the Commonwealth of Arminy. Arminy itself, after various fluctuations, was eventually divided up among several successor states, including Lac Glacei, Alexandria, Shireroth and Stormark.

Ad for the Crandish Air Force
Early Shield of Cranda