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όThis is a list of two-letter country codes for MCS member states. As such, it is also a list of current member states of the MCS. The list is organized and kept by the Institute of Standardization at the People's Academy of Elwynn after the MCS Council rejected to be in charge of this standardization. Only independent members, including former members from 15 June 2020, are included. This is to differentiate from the FMF three-letter codes which also include some autonomous regions.

The two-letter codes are two letters generally taken from the main constituent country's FMF code, if one is existing at the time of allocation of code, in the order that the letters are in that code, and if possible to do so. In other cases, a code is uniquely created by the Institute of Standardization. A country may, before being assigned a code, request to be assigned an unassigned code. A code is assigned when the MCS council has updated its map with a new country, or whenever a country informs a change of name or constitutional circumstances (e.g. a merger of two countries) to the MCS or the Institute. It may in these applications request to be assigned a particular code.

A code, once assigned, is permanent, and lasts beyond the death of that country. It cannot be assigned to another country (except for a legal or moral successor of the previous country. There are 676 unique letter combinations that can be assigned. If these are exhausted, the system of codes will be revivisited. A country may petition the Institute of Standardization at the the People's Academy of Elwynn to change its two-letter code to a previously unassigned code. If there are good reasons (aesthetic, historical, cultural, linguistic, etc., or change of name) for a change, the change will be allowed. In such cases, the institute will also decide whether or not to protect the former code. In so doing, the institute will take into account for how long that code has been in use, how prominent the former code was used, and so on.

The Institute of Standardization at the People's Academy of Elwynn joined the Micras Organisation for Standardisation in 1686. Consequently, this list became the authoritative MOS-1 standard.

List of all country codes

Country Code FMF Comment
Aemilia Aemilia AM
Aerla Aerla AR AER
Akhidia Akhidia AK AKH
Alduria Alduria AL ALD
Anahuaco Anahuaco AN ANA
Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua WA none Wechua Nation and Alduria; renamed Nouvelle Alexandrie (1693), new code assigned.
Alrig Alrig OI OIL after its old name, the Oil Rig
Angsax Anglo-Saksen Commonwealth AS ASX
Arama Arama VR none taken from its old name, Verionia.
Arbor Arbor AB none Arbor
Arevacía Arevacía AV ARV
Ashinthael Ashinthael AH ASH
Barbary Barbary BB BRB
Bassaridia Vaeringheim Bassaridia Vaeringheim BV BVR
Batavia Batavia BA BAT
Barikalus Barikalus BK BAK
Bassarid Periphery Bassarid Periphery BP none Bassarid Periphery
Benacian Union Benacian Union BU none Benacian Union
Byalia Byalia BY BYA
Çakaristan Çakaristan CK CKR Çakaristan
Calbion Calbion CA CAL
Caradia Caradia CD CRD
Cerulea Cerulea CE none Cerulea
Chryse Chryse CY CRY
Cira Cira CI CIR
CSA Collective Security Association CV none Formerly reserved; abbreviation from Batavian Collectieve Veiligheidsvereniging
Cisamarra Cisamarra CS CIS
Constancia Constancia CO CON
Craitland Craitland CR CRA
Daau Daau DA DAU
Dark Berry Islands Dark Berry Islands DB DBI
Dragonera Dragonera DD IDD Imperial Dominion of Dragonera
Davinson Islands Davinson Islands DI none
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan DM DRM
Eastern Natopia Eastern Natopia EN none Eastern Natopia
Elwynn Elwynn EW ELW
Eternia Eternia ET
Euran Economic Union Euran Economic Union EU none Reserved
Floria Floria FL FLO
Forajasaki Forajasaki FJ FRJ
Frankish Empire Frankish Empire FR FRK
Free Elwynn Free Elwynn ER FER
Freeland Freeland PF PRF
Graecia Graecia GR PRG Graecia
Great Apollonian Empire Great Apollonian Empire AE none Great Apollonian Empire
Goetia Goetia GO GOE
Guttuli Protectorate Guttuli Protectorate GU GUT
Haifo-Pallisica Haifo-Pallisica HP HPI
Hexarchy Hexarchy HX HEX
Highpass Highpass HS HPS
Order of the Holy Lakes Hurmu (Order of the Holy Lakes) HU HUR
Hurmu Trust Territory Hurmu Trust Territory HT HTT Hurmu Trust Territory
Imperial Federation Imperial Federation IF HRE Changed its name from the Holy Ralgon Empire (HR), reassigned two-letter code IF upon change of name
Insulia Insulia IN INS
International Mandate International Mandate IM IAM
Islamic Internet Republic Islamic Internet Republic IR IIR
Jezeraah Jezeraah RJ ROJ Republic of Jezeraah
Jingdao Jingdao DO DAO Dao, "the way", short form av Jingdao
Jääland Jääland JA JAA
Kalgachia Kalgachia KL KAL
DARK Kildare KR none Kildare
Kingdom of Moorland Kingdom of Moorland ML KML
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria KC none Krasnocoria
Krasnovlac Krasnovlac KN KSN
Kurum Ash-Sharqia Kurum Ash-Sharqia KS none Kurum Ash-Sharqia
Lac Glacei Lac Glacei LG GLA Lac Glacei
Leylstadt Leylstadt LL LEL
Liberty Liberty LB none Liberty
Lostisland Lostisland LO LOS
Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh MB MCK Code assigned in 1686 on the request of the relevant government
Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh MK MCK Code discontinued in 1686 on the request of the relevant government
Blank Micras Cartography Society MC none Reserved; Micras Cartography Society
MOS Micras Organisation for Standardisation OS none Reserved; Micras Organisation for Standardisation
MTO Micras Treaty Organization MT none Reserved; Micras Treaty Organization
Mercury Mercury ME MER
Mondosphere Mondosphere MO none Mondosphere; uses MDO as three-letter code where required
Natopia Natopia NA NAT
Neringa Neringa NR NER
New Batavia New Batavia NB NBA Received a new code after changing name from Islamic Internet Republic to Islamic Republic of New Batavia. IR remains protected.
Normark Normark NO NOR
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie AX none Nouvelle Alexandrie
Nova Caradia Nova Caradia NC none Nova Caradia
Nova England Nova England NE NEN
Oportia Oportia OP OPO
Ostland Ostland OT OST
Pacary Pacary PC PCR
Palesmenia Palesmenia PM PLM
Phinbella Phinbella PH PHI
Phineonesian Confederation Phineonesian Confederation KP none Konfederasi Tanah Phineonesia
Plazas de Irian Plazas de Irian PI PDI
Port Balaine Port Balaine PB PBN
Ralgon Ralgon HR HRE Holy Ralgon Empire; Name changed in 1706 to the Imperial Federation and reassigned a new code, IF.
Ransenar Ransenar RN RNS
Raspur Pact Raspur Pact RP none Reserved.
Refliasia Refliasia RF REF
Reunion Reunion RE REU
Rulak Rulak RU RUL
Sanama Sanama SN SNM
Sankt Ludwigshafen Sankt Ludwigshafen SL RSL For a while also known as Lanzerwald (same code)
Sanpantul Sanpantul SP SPT
Senya Senya DS DES Democratic Environmental Society of Senya
Shireroth Shireroth RS IRS Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Sint Barentsz Sint Barentsz SB none
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands SS SSI
Suren Suren SU SUR
Svetostrov Svetostrov SV none
Sylvania Sylvania SY SYL Country changed name to Çakaristan, subsequently assigned new code (CK).
Taktwinkel Taktwinkel TA TAK
Tellia Tellia TE TEL
The Green The Green XX none Reserved for anything related to unclaimed lands or waters, and other miscellaneous matters
Theogiorick Theogiorick TK None Theogiorick
Thraci Confederation Thraci Confederation TH THR FMS
Transnordata Transnordata TN TRN
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates GB UGB Unified Governorates of Benacia
United Benacian Republic United Benacian Republic CB none United Benacian Republic of Chryse and Lower Batavia
United Isles United Isles UI UIS
United Principalities of Cibola United Principalities UP UPC
Vales Vales UV UCV
Valora Valora VL VLR
Vegno Vegno VE VEG
Verionia Verionia VR VRO
Voxland Voxland VX VOX
Voxland and Westland Voxland and Westland VW UVW
Wechua Wechua WE WEC
West Amokolia West Amokolia AW AMW Amokolia (West)
West Skerry and Sri Pashana West Skerry and Sri Pashana WS WSP
Western Natopia Western Natopia WN none Wstern Natopia
Blank World Association of Non-aligned Countries WC none Formerly reserved.
Xäiville Convention Xäiville Convention XC none Reserved.
Zeed Zeed ZD ZEE Zeed
Zyrkistan Zyrkistan ZY ZYR