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Imbox notice.png This article refers to a micronation which is defunct and no longer exists. You can help make the article reflect that or ask on the talk page for further information.:
Duchy of Refliasia
Ducado de Refliasia
Düködö üv Refläsiä
Flag of Refliasia
Coat of Arms of Refliasia
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Noli timere ignotum"
"Do not fear the unknown" (eng)
Anthem: Ducal Ode
Location of Refliasia
Map versions 16.4.6 - Present
Capital Navania
Largest city Ganlook
Official language(s) Istvanistani (official)
Phoklandian (regional)
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Refliasian
 - Adjective Refliasish
Government Absolute Monarchy
 - Prime Secretary Sir Lewis Godfree
 - Duke Charles of Refliasia
 - Legislature Ducal Court
Establishment 6 April 2020 (1683 AN)
Reformed from Graustark
Area 810,000 km²
Population 6,200,000
Active population 1
Currency Refliasian Dollar (R$)
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum National Forums
National animal
National food
National drink Balmora Sunrise
National tree
Abbreviation REF

The Duchy of Refliasia (Phoklandian: Düködö üv Refläsiä, Martino: Ducado de Refliasia) known simply as Refliasia is a primarily wiki-based nation based in North East Eura. The duchy borders Alduria to the west and is mythologically said to have been founded in 1599 AN (2020 or 1683 Norton Calendar in reality), which itself is a semi-independent constituent state of the CSSO and has been historically active in the community since mid-2019. The Duchy operates under the principals of geo-simulationism; this meaning that while maintaining a fantastical territorial claim and historical mythos, Refliasia's government operates primarily within the realm of reality.



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