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Sint Barentsz

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Republiek Sint Barentsz
Flag of Sint Barentsz
Coat of Arms of Sint Barentsz
Coat of Arms
Motto: “You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north." (Deuteronomy 2:3)
Location of Sint Barentsz
Map versions
Capital Stad Sint Barentsz
Largest city Stad Sint Barentsz
Official language(s) Apollonian Dietsch
Official religion(s) Barentszian Reformed Church
Demonym Barentszer
 - Adjective Barentszian
Government Republic
 - Stadhouder van Sint Barentsz Willem de Veer
 - Voorzitter van het Stadsparlement Kong Wei
 - Legislature Stadsparlement
Establishment 1673
Population 2,653 (1707 census)
Currency Barentszpenning
Calendar Norton calendar
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity 230/400 V - 50 Hz
Driving side Right
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)
National website staat.rsb
National forum On the Bastion Union
National animal West Cibolan Crow
National food Cabbage
National drink
National tree
Abbreviation RSB

Sint Barentsz, Istvanistani: Saint Barentsz is an independent island state in Northern Apollonia, off the coast of Senya. Before its independence in 1707 the island formed the Northern Circle of Alrig, later part of Jingdao and the Democratic Apollonian Republic of Kildare and was governed by the United North Apollonian Company. Before the island was owned by Alrig it was part of Jingdao, and the United North Apollonian Company has salvaged most of the infrastructure the Jingdaoese left behind. The island was named after Barend Barentsz, count of Te Gong Li, who is regarded as a pan-Jingdaoese hero and son of Warner Barentsz, Count of the Kitanus Fields who attacked Shirekeep with cabbages in IX.1601. In V.1707 the island state declared itself independent from the Republic of Alrig after intelligence on negotiations between Kildare and Shireroth on a possible union leaked. The declaration was mostly ignored, as most politicians on the mainland were not even aware of the island state's existence. After the republic declared its independence it sought help from the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen and international observers assumed the two republics were going to form a union. The Treaty of Gaelen's Landing, formally known as the Agreement between the Her Magnificence the Kaiseress and the Unified Government of Greater Kildare on the reintegration of Kildare and its territories into Shireroth, between the Democratic Apollonian Republic of Kildare and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth which was signed in 16.VIII.1707 finally recognised the independence of Sint Barentsz, despite Sint Barentsz not being part of the discussions. On 4.X.1707 the Stadsparlement sent a request to the Micronational Cartography Society that it should acknowledge the independence of Sint Barentsz and publish its next map iteration showing Sint Barentz as such.


The Republiek Sint Barentsz is modeled on the political system of pre-1705 Sankt Ludwigshafen. It is a parliamentary republic governed by a Stadsparlement, compare with the Ludwiggian Stadtparlement and the state is governed by a Stadhouder who is elected by the Stadsparlement. Like in Sankt Ludwigshafen, the constitution forbids the death penalty, and life sentences without the possibility of parole.

While nominally a democracy, with 5,67 points, the Alto Siccre University classifies Sint Barentsz as a hybrid regime in its Micras Democracy Index, although it is just shy of being categorised as a flawed democracy. A major concern is that not all citizens are allowed to vote, but that there are a variety of ways in which one can qualify, and that the process to prove this can be cumbersome, discouraging many potential voters. For example those who hold property, those that were born on the island and who can prove that three generations of ancestors were born on the island, can participate. The United North Apollonian Company also has a real influence in politics with its donations to the Sint Barentsz National Congress, which does not face significant opposition in the Stadsparlement.


Since 1683 Sint Barentsz is home to football club Dynamo Noord, which participated in the Sports Competition of Alrig and also in the 2020–21 Kopa Sanya. After the independence talks started to be held between representatives of Dynamo Noord and the Football Association of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya, to determine whether Dynamo Noord could enter the Senyan competition.