Alriggian Syndicalist Republic

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"Alrig" redirects here. For the former Jingdaoese protectorate, see Alriggian Republic.
Alriggian Autonomous Zone
Flag of Alrig
Coat of Arms of Alrig
Coat of Arms
Anthem: Psalm 107 23-32
[[|250px|Location of Alrig|frameless]]
Map versions 16.1.3 - current
Capital Driftwood
Largest city Driftwood, Sint Anna
Official language(s) common Alriggian
Official religion(s) Tianchaodao
Demonym Alriggian
 - Adjective Alriggian
Government Republic
 - President Luo Dai
 - Legislature Council of Driftwood
Establishment 1685
Currency Jingdaoese Kala
Time zone(s) CMT-3
Mains electricity
Driving side Right
Track gauge
National website government.oil
National forum On the Bastion Union
National animal Limbless mule
National food Spiced cheese
National drink Elderflower tea
National tree Apollonian poplar
Abbreviation OIL
Flag of the former Alriggian Autonomous Zone.

The Alriggian Syndicalist Republic (Alrig SR), formerly known as the Alriggian Autonomous Zone, commonly still known as Alrig, was an autonomous part of Jingdao, and later the Great Apollonian Empire, that was previously the heartland of the independent state of Alrig. It was annexed by Jingdao during the Jingdaoese-Alriggian War. While no conditions were given for the surrender of the territory, Jingdao had left most of the political structure of Alrig intact. The AAZ's first president was Luo Dai, who was also the last president of Alrig. She did not want to resign her position after losing a war to Jingdao, which she claimed was actually a victory because it brought Alrig under the glorious rule of the Chidao Emperor. As part of Jingdao, Alrig had focused on expanding its tourism industry, with Driftwood and Sint Anna becoming major resort cities within the empire. Downtown Driftwood especially is known for its nightlife, with its gambling, drinking and dancing.

In V.1703 Luo Dai, who had been president of Alrig since before the annexation of Alrig by Jingdao, which had since become the Great Apollonian Empire, lost the presidential elections to Edwin van het Dorreveld. President Van het Dorreveld rejected the idea of Pan-Jingdaoism but did not immediately call for independence from the Great Apollonian Empire. His refusal to enforce adherence to the rituals of the Tianchaodao still proved to be highly controversial in Daocheng, which ordered him to step down and replaced him by his predecessor Luo Dai. Protests broke out with thousand of protesters holding a sit in in front of the Council of Driftwood. When news of the Second Kildarian Revolution reached Driftwood, the Council of Driftwood gathered in an emergency session and decided that it would declare independence and restore President Van Het Dorreveld to his position.

The government was granted autonomy in 1704 AN as a syndicalist republic.