Apollonian Shipping Company

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Apollonian Shipping Company
Type Public limited company
Industry Marine transport
Founded 1667
Headquarters Sint Anna, Alrig, Jingdao
Products Marine transport, container terminal services, warehousing, containerization, shipping container leasing, flexible barges
OldSport semi-trailer chassis with Apollonian Shipping Company container

The Apollonian Shipping Company, or ASC, is a marine transport company with its headquarters and home port in Sint Anna, Alriggian Autonomous Zone. Together with the United North Apollonian Company, it also leases a dock and crane in the seaport of Xiaoxincheng. While most of its fleet has Sint Anna as home port, they are mostly seen navigating the Antya river in Jingdao proper, where they move containers from the, fully-owned, Kaimingcheng Container Terminal to other ports along the river. From 1680 to 1685, a line service between Sint Anna and the South Cibolan city state of Sankt Ludwigshafen was operated with two small feeder ships. The company plays a vital part in the White Tea Road initiative.

Products and services offered

The Apollonian Shipping Company has a focus on moving goods in shipping containers across the Jingdaoese-Alriggian economic zone. It offers various services that complement this, such as warehousing services, containerization services and leasing of shipping containers. It works together with the Alriggian transport company OldSport which transports the containers from the terminal to inland warehouse locations and end customers. In North Apollonia, the ASC works together with the United North Apollonian Company, also based in Alrig, to transport goods from communities in the Green to warehouse facilities in Jingdao, from where they are further distributed.

Flexible barges

As communities in the Green often lack clean drinking water, this commodity can be sold at a premium. Together with the United North Apollonian Company, the Apollonian Shipping Company has developed flexible barges, which can be towed behind container barges, and hold clean drinking water. This innovation makes it attractive for communities in the Green to trade with the Alriggian companies. In response to the Water crisis in Alduria in 1673, the Alriggian government offered subsidies to the ASC to transport clean drinking water to Alduria to alleviate their shortages.

Presence in Barbary

Following the founding of the Barbarian Republic in 1685, the Apollonian Shipping Company has set up shop there as well. The construction of five warehouses with a total surface of 350,000 square ricmeters is expected to be finished by late 1690. The warehouses will store dry food products for the Apollonian market. The company has also sponsored the Barbary national football team, together with Balqis Rum, a major customer of the ASC in Barbary.

Presence in the Hexarchy

With subsidies from the Jingdaoese Empire, the Apollonian Shipping Company has set up shipping routes to the Hexarchy. One of them between Sint Anna and Kobol, and another between Glacier City and Kobol. From Glacier City citizens are transported to new homes in the Eventide Islands, along with classified equipment. From Sint Anna, food and raw building materials are brought to the fledgling realms.