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Tianchao Jingdao
Emblem of the Grand Secretariat.png

Constitution of the Empire

Emblem Household.png Heavenly Light

The Chidao Emperor

Imperial Household | Imperial Stewardship

Teachings of the Empire
Tianchaodao | Jingbuist Absolutism | Chidaoism

Emblem of the Grand Secretariat.png Grand Secretariat

Emblem Diwang.png Diwang

Ministries & Secretariats:

Ministry of Truth | Ministry of Purity | Ministry of Stability

Chao Suweiai formerly known as National Diet

Gong Suweiai | Sifang Suweiai

Defunct: Emblem Seanad.png The Seanad | The Imperial Yuan Emblem Yuan.png

Political Factions:

Guanchang | Kantai-ha (Navy) | Gunbatsu (Army) | Shanghu (Traders)

Defunct:Kuominliantang logo.png Kuominliantang | Nokarodo logo.png Nokarodo Faction | Badao logo.png Badao Party

Other institutions

Tianchao Chuandui | Imperial Armed Forces | Young Wandering Society | Tegong


The Jinken Emperor introduced a policy of morning prayers in 1608 AN to honour the Heavenly Light. This became the basics of the introduction of Tianchaodao as state religion three decades later.
File:Great Catodral Daocheng.png
Theology: Polytheism
Origin: 1642 (as state religion)
Countries: Jingdao
The ho an den - this one being located in Chuan Ke - became an important part of daily life for the Jingdaoese citizens: under the early reign of the Hoshasei Emperor, daily rites were done at the start of every school day. Soon this practice became obligatory in all companies and organisations across the country.

Tianchaodao, meaning "The Way of the Empire" in the Jingdaoese language, is the state religion of Jingdao since the 1642 AN (263 EGA, 6316 ASC). It is an offspring of Catologism. The main teaching of Tianchaodao is that complete submission to the divine Heavenly Light is the only road to salvation and the only way to serve the Gods. The Way of the Empire does not dispute that there are other Gods than the Heavenly Light, but does not allow the Jingdaoese people to worship them, instead the people should worship the Heavenly Light.

Alriggian variant of the Tianchaodao

Many people of Jingdaoese descent in Alrig are followers of the Tianchaodao. This variant of the Tianchaodao differs from the variant in Jingdao because complete submission to the Heavenly Light is not asked, only that all prayers and all devotion is directed towards him. The worship of the Heavenly Light is not controversial in Alrig, but ties in with the local practice. In Alrig followers of the various religions only publicly refer to their God as "the Lord", followers of the Tianchaodao are no exceptions.