Jinken Emperor

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The Jinken Emperor introduced a policy of morning prayers in 1608 AN to honour the Heavenly Light.

The Jinken Emperor (1576 - 1610 AN) was the Heavenly Light of Jingdao during the transition from the 16th to the 17th century. His name literally means 'human rights' Emperor. He's best known among the Jingdaoese for His policies concerning the establishment of morning prayers, which formed the basis of Tianchaodao.

Among jurists he's better known for abolishing the old decrees from the period that the Empire was a part of Batavia. He also limited the Ministry of Purity's discretionary powers to perform roadside executions to persons, as defined by the Law on the Protection of Human life, who did not have Xing- or Jingstatus.

The Jinken Emperor is considered to be a Great Light.

Preceded by:
Duchang Emperor
Head of State of Jingdao
1608–1610 AN
Succeeded by
Feixing Emperor